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Do I have herpes?

So basically 2 weeks ago I ended up having protected sex with this girl in the middle when reinserting the condom broke at the tip but I pulled out immediately, she said she didn’t have anything but u never know . Well 2 days after I noticed some tingling and itching in my thighs  and butt and feels like there’s swelling in my testicles as well. Well 2 weeks pass by and I’m itching   In my thighs genital creases and my gooch(area in between testicles and anus) . Also I’m having some nerve pain as well in my feet that’s random. All these symptoms seem better when I sit down or when I’m laying down. I went to the doctor and they said it might be a skin condition  instead. I don’t believe them and I think I might have contracted herpes. I hate myself for the condom popping and I can’t eat sleep and I constiently cry all day. Someone tell me are these symptoms related to herpes? And I heard the blood test can give false positives is this true. Also how soon do herpes symptoms occur? I thought it might be chlamidya due to the swelling in testicles so I got tested and treated for chlamidya . Any help would be necessary and could this be another std such as pubic lice?
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Hey, you can't help a condom busting.  That's bad luck. At least you used one because a lot of people don't.  Probably, she doesn't have herpes.  So, you probably don't. But why don't you go through proper STD testing to rule everything out?  Pubic lice . . . you mean crabs?  That would itch like crazy in your pubic area and dude, you'd eventually see bugs.  You don't, do you? Don't cry or beat yourself up.  It will probably be okay.  Just get confirmatory testing to be sure and remember, a doctor looked and said it wasn't herpes.  Try to trust that and don't let anxiety tell you different. Test to be sure though
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