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Do I really have herpes

I am 33 yrs old, male, and I had sex about 4 times all the times protected with prostitutes. Last time was December 31st 2015. After that I realised, I should stop this bad habit. and I didn't have any sex for last four months. But eventually I started to worry about STDs. So I decided to get tested. Everything came negative except. herpes. These are the results I got.

Herpes Simplex Virus (I&II) IgM - 0.98 Equivocal
Herpes Simplex Virus (I&II) IgG - 2.03 Positive

I feel like I lost my whole world. I wanted to kill my self. Is this test is accurate? I never had any symptoms. And I waited 16 weeks to get done this test.  Should I accept that I got herpes. Appreciate your help on this.
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Anything less than a 3.5 is in the possible false positive range. I would not accept this until a confirmation test like the wester blot is given and comes up possitive. Given your history I would be surprised if you are actually hsv2 positive.
Hi feelingundone. Thank you for your answer. By the way today I met this STD specialist and he said I am positive. So I asked about this Wester blot. But he said don't search internet.. something like that. Now I am lost. I have no help here as I am from an Asian country. I don't think I have any way to get done Wester Blot. Anyway doctor asked me to do type test to check for HSV1 & HSV2 seperately.
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Yes your doc is correct and combination tests are useless.
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I agree being in Asia the western blot is out. Yes do a type specific igg test. No more igm. I wpuld bet if you do have hsv it's hsv1 oral infection from your youth. I highly doubt you contracted hsv2 from your protected exposures.  
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After 10 days I got results of HSV1 and HSV2 separate tests.

HSV 1 IgG - 2.10 Negative ( < 9)
HSV 2 IgG - 1.91 Negative ( < 9)

Now I am really confused am I negative or positive. Meanwhile I got something like a pimple in my testicles and it went away in 2 days. I am really scared even though this result came as Negative. Please let me know your opinion on these test results. Should I seriously take that pimple like thing. It was itching and then looked yellow. Thanks everyone.
And it was itching only couple of times.
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Those are both liw positives. My opinion is you have hsv1 probably an old oral infection and the hsv2 is probably a false positive.
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Hi Feelingundone, Thanks for your comments.

The reference ranges given for both are


As per the report I got
HSV1 IgG - 2.10 - Negative
HSV2 IgG - 1.91 - Negative

It seems like reference ranges are higher when they check HSV1 and HSV2 separately.
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It seems like reference range is not submitted here properly.

Below 9.0 Negative
Between 9.0 and 11.0 Equivocal
Greater than 11.0 Positive
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Then you are negative for both.
Hi, It seems like my doctor is confused with results and struggling with diagnose. Basically,
igM - Equivocal
igG Combined - Positive
igG Type Specific - Both Negative

Doctor said I have to test again for Type specific. I did my previous test after 18 weeks of possible exposure which was protected. I am really confused. Is there any possibility igG can become positive later. Even with no sex.
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That would be unusual.  I believe your negative. Igg tests can show low positives sometimes. You can retest if you need to but I seriously doubt it will become positive.
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Hi feelingundone,
After 19 weeks I did another test from the lab which gave me positive combined. I took those negative results from a different lab. Anyway this time also I got negative results as

HSV I - 7.0 - Negative
HSV II - 3.1 Negative

9.0 is the negative max value. I got really scared since the value has increased for both than previous one. Is it because of the lab? Or is it my antibodies developing? Then the doctor asked me to do the same test again in one month. I don't know why god not letting me go. Continues testing and waiting killing me.....  
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All tests and labs can have variances. At 19 weeks you're negative. Congrats and put hsv out of your mind and move forward.
Dear feelingundone,
After six month for the incident I did another test. I got below result.

HSV I IGG - 2.06 Negative
HSV II IGG - 2.61 Negative

Reference range was  11 Positive. So now I am gonna beleve this negative result.

I should thank you for all the help you given during past couple of months. Mainly with the knowledge and guidance.  Honestly I had nobody to talk. You are the only person who talked about this other than the doc and I should say you were a living god for me. I wish you a healthy and successful life.
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