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Do cold sore scabs carry HSV1?

So this may be a stupid question as I have not seen it posted anywhere. Are cold sore scabs contagious? Mine started flaking last night and I think it's on my bed somewhere. Am I being paranoid or should I wash my sheets. I still have a cold sore it's just starting to scab. I feel like I sound paranoid but I don't want my kiddo to get it because I was not careful enough.
Thank you in advance!
Have a lovely day
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I know when it's on you, attach it is contagious but once it falls is it still contagious ?
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First you cant pass it to another part of your body and for sure not from sheets. Its recommended that the cold sore heal completely.A scab could act as a covering but some fluid from the virus could still leak out of the scab.
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No I know that. But I'm asking is the scab that falls off during flaking can those be contagious once they have fallen off and landed somewhere else. I am concerned because my son sleeps with me at night.
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The fallen scab is not contagious
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Why not? Is it only the fluid in a sore that makes it contagious? And they tell u to avoid kissing because it is possible the scab can break and leak fluid out?
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So is it only the fluid that is contagious? That would make sense. That's why they say to be careful even with a scab as fluid can leak from any breaks correct? It's not the scab itself?
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