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Do i have herpes???!!!!!!

so im 20 years old.. i have been getting cold sores since i was 16.  within the past 3 years i have slept with only the one person, though we are broken up now. As far as he says and as i know, he has not had a coldsore before and no sti's.
Last night i noticed a blister/sore just between my upper thigh near to my bikini line... To me it resembles of a coldsore. I am worrying and freaking out and i no that i will have to go to my doctor
What i am trying to find out is is it possible to transfer the herpes virus from my mouth to my grone by using a tweezers. I was using my tweezers around my mouth/ upper lip, and i think it may of been when i had a coldsore.. And i sometimes use the tweezers to remove ingrown hairs on my bikini line.  Is this possible? Answers would be great as i am extremely worried.
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I don't think you have anything to worry about. Initial genital herpes always shows up where the infection starts, i.e. the body areas that get friction and rubbing during sex. Also, auto-inoculation (self transfer to the virus to a new body site) occurs occasionally during the first few weeks after a new herpes infection, but very rarely after that. I can't say the risk is zero if the thigh lesion is exactly where you used tweezers, and if it happened within a few days of the tweezers being used on an oral herpes lesion. But this is a stretch -- very unlikely. It sounds like you had a pimple on your thigh, nothing more. Of course see a doctor if it doesn't clear up or it happens again.

I hope this has helped. Best wishes.
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thanks for the advice..
So from what you said it is possible to transfer the virus in the way that i have said i could of  even though you are saying it isnt 100% possible that i have. I will still go to my doctors just to be say as the blister/sore doesnt look right and to me really does resemble that of a coldsore
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I don't know whether it is possible or not. If it is, I'm sure the chance is exceedingly low.

Almost any superficial skin infection can resemble a cold sore.
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