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Do you think I have herpes?


So I am a 20 year old female who up till recently had been saving herself for marriage. But after a few incidents I decided that I didn't want to and did end up having sex.
Last week, Friday night, I had unprotected sex with a guy I met at the bar (highly irresponsible, I know) The sex was very painful and I had to stop (but it was my second time having sex). Before having sex, I asked if he was tested and he said he was.
Jump to 6 days later l- I started feeling an uncontrollable itch in my vagina that I couldn't stop itching and the area kept getting red and sore. 2 days prior to that I also felt a throat pain coming up. As the itching continued, I went to see urgent care the next day and they said they couldn't find any lesions, blisters or anything indicative of herpes but I did seem to have a strong yeast infection (white discharge all around) and potential UTI. They put me on antibiotics for the same- but the next day I started feeling really feverish, my throat got worse, bumps started appearing on the back of my tongue and there was a whitish appearance and red spots all around on the front. As if that weren't enough, I kept experiencing a burning sensation in my thighs and sometimes legs like an icy chill. I'm really really deathly worries that I have herpes. Here is a photo attached of my vagina- I'm not sure if these are sores but please try to help me out :(  
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Not sure how to post a picture but there seem to be bug bites on the inside of my vagina- like inside the hole
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