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Do you think this is herpes?

I've been with my girlfriend for 7 months, we're both virgins and I'm his first boyfriend.
Today, we were with each other and there was a lot of vigorous kissing.
Many and deep kisses. Right now, it's 9:50 in the evening here, and when I looked in the mirror,
I saw a raised bump on my vermilion of the lower lip (where the lip meets the skin).
I didn't saw that and I didn't have that when I looked in the mirror early morning.
It isn't itchy, painful, and it has no red base. it isn't red also , it just looks like a raised bump and when I don't stretch my lips, when i look closely to it, it looks like an off-white color, and has a pus in deep. It's just small.

And on my chin, I have like a 3 bumps clustered together but isn't itchy, isn't red, isn't painful either. it looks like 3 small raised bumps that isn't red... kinda looks like a blister but there's no fluid inside.. and looks like a pimple but i'm not sure. When I stretch it, there's so many blister like bumps on it with little white hairs on them. It doesn't hurt and there's no pain.

Do you think that it's just a pimple, or do you think it is herpes. please help. thank you
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These sound like pimples to me. In my experience, herpes comes with a lot of itching and some pain - sort of like having poison ivy.

Try taking a little rubbing alcohol and dabbing in on with a q-tip. If these are pimples, it should help make them go away, and if it's herpes, it should keep them clean, at least.
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Thank you Ophelia23.
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No problem ^__^ If you are still a little unsure, just don't kiss folks or give them oral till it goes away. Say you think you have a summer cold.
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