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Doctors stumped. Any ideas

Is it possible, under any circumstances, for several painless, separated penis lesions that show up 4 weeks after last contact to be primary episode of herpes? This was also followed by red itchy blotches on both upper thighs and red solid bumps on the left flank.

6 months later I still feel left leg shooting pains and penis tingling daily. No lesions though. A blood test at 5 months showed im positive for hsv1 but doctor said that could be from a previous oral infection, even if I don't remember having cold sores.
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Hi, its possible but it would not be due to hsv1 as you tested to early to show up if this was a recent infection. Your doctor is correct that its an old infection. and most likley oral from childhood.
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Thanks for your reply. Could you please elaborate what you mean by "tested too early" I didn't get swabbing done and my blood test was 5 months after this strange outbreak.
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I misread and though you said you tested 4 weeks after exposure. On average sores appear about a week later not 4 weeks so it would appear its an old oral infection.
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Thanks again Dave for your quick reply.
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