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Does This Sound Like Herpes, Although I Tested Negative?

One Saturday night after using the restroom, I felt a small sore patch of open skin on the opening my urethra that I had never felt before. (I dab with toilet paper every time I urinate, so I knew it was brand new.) I went to the ER and the doctor swabbed the lesion (quite roughly) for herpes to "rule it out because it looked like it could possibly be that, but to not lose too much sleep over it yet" I was also tested for syphilis and that blood test came back negative. 3 days or so later, the herpes swab also came back negative, for both HSV I and II. This lesion took about 5 days to heal, and at first turned into a white patch, and then dark red. I was putting coconut oil on it every day. I did have painful, dark, cloudy urination during this time, but I had been dealing with a UTI that never got fully cleared (I had an adverse reaction to Cipro, and although the urine test said there was still bacteria present, the NP told me to stop taking the Cipro and that the infection should go away. I do not feel like it did)

Anyway, 6 days after the appearance of the first lesion, I felt a sore spot on the shaft of my penis. I took a look, and it looked like a soft pink smooth spot, flush with the skin, with a long. somewhat thick, reddish cut across the middle of it. I also had another red spot near the top of my penis on the foreskin, but no cut or soreness associated with that spot. I applied coconut oil to the entire area, and about 7 hours later, there was absolutely no trace of the cut whatsoever. I found that odd, even with the application of coconut oil. 5 days later, after continuous use of coconut oil 2-3 times a day, the pink spots are still there, unchanged. I have felt occasional itching briefly in my pelvic area once or twice over the last week and a half that this has been going on, but unsure if it's just normal itching. I had a photo of the cut lesion, and someone thought it did not look like herpes, that I could have nicked it during the times I was inspecting my genitals with my nails (I hadn't trimmed my nails) but it just seems like too much of a coincidence.

Should I rely on the negative results of the swab of the first lesion? What would be a reason for the pink blotches to not change at all? Perhaps they were always there and I never noticed them. They are not something I would have noticed if I wasn't inspecting for lesions.

The possible exposure was 6 and a half weeks prior to appearance of the first lesion (I rubbed my penile head on an anus, briefly, for about 5-10 seconds. This is how I got the UTI.)

I had another sexual encounter 14 days before the appearance of the urethral lesion, but I was only the receptive anal partner, and had a jock strap on so my genitals were covered, and my genitals were not even touched by this partner anyway. I have not had any anal lesions, so I do not think this encounter is relevant, but I thought I would mention it just in case. I also went on PEP for HIV after this encounter.
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So it's hard to say what this is, but if it was herpes, it did clear up pretty quickly.

One thing to note - herpes infects nerve groups, so if you got genital herpes from anal sex, you could get outbreaks on your penis, since the nerve group that genital herpes infects covers the area that is covered by boxer shorts, essentially. The urethral opening isn't the most common place, though, your test came back negative.

You're also more likely to get outbreaks, especially the primary outbreak, at the site of infection, so for you, that would be anally, unless someone has performed oral on you, and they had hsv1, which could give you genital hsv1 on your penis.

I would suggest getting a type specific IgG blood test, now and again at 4 months from the most recent encounter. Signs don't absolutely point to herpes, but since it's a possibility, you should rule it out. If you get any more sores, go to a clinic and get them swabbed and typed. Don't put anything on them - just get them checked.

Condoms prevent herpes syphilis transmission by about 50-90%. They can prevent HIV by 100%. I hope you consider using them in the future, whether or not you have herpes. There are men who will respect your wishes for that.

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Thank you for your reply. I should note, the first swab I got was before I started applying coconut oil, and I saw that they did a PCR assay, which I have read is more reliable than a viral culture.

I actually went back to the doctor the day after I asked this question because the lingering UTI could no longer be ignored, and sure enough, there was bacteria in my urine. I was also given two genital exams, and the doctor thought the two pink spots were fungal. I was given an anti fungal cream and the spots have completely faded. I was given Keflex for the UTI and symptoms are improving.

I will definitely be getting the IgG blood test very soon. Thanks again for taking the time to reply to my question!
Oh a PCR swab was done in the ER? That's good news - they are very sensitive, and I'd be surprised if you had herpes and the swab didn't show that.

Glad to hear you are feeling better, and that symptoms are improving. :)
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