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Does anyone actually answer these?

Hi. I’ve posted twice on her in last week and gotten no responses.

I think I may have contracted herpes. Can someone please help?

I had unprotected sex on 11/30.

On 12/2 I started feeling an itching/pain in my groin area that intensified on 12/3 then gradually got better, though it’s still nagging me a little.

Coinciding with this I experienced a bout of unexplainable abdominal/intestinal pain coupled both diarrhea that started 12/1, was very bad until 12/5, and has since gotten mostly better though my stools are still not completely normal.

I never got any rash, redness, swelling, or bumps of any kind anywhere on my groin or anywhere else.

Is it possible that I have herpes if I experienced the pain/itchiness but no topical symptoms?

I’m nervous bc I read that herpes can also cause diarrhea.

Any insights would be very much appreciated.

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The best way to test for herpes is to have the fluid taken and tested from a blister/sore that has developed.  You don't have one (or more) of those so this is a good sign that you don't have herpes.  You had pain and itching, mild signs of herpes infection, but it's gone away, right?   You could do blood testing to be sure at an std clinic. The swab tests are more accurate than the blood tests as they (blood tests) have a higher rate of false positives (saying you have it, freaking you out and then you really don't).
I'd wait to see if you get an outbreak and go from there.  If you never do?  I'd say you didn't get herpes.  One time exposure certainly can result in transmission but you don't know if the other person was hsv positive or not. If you do decide to test with a blood test, wait 16 weeks for it to be accurate as it can take that long for antibodies to build up.  

But my guess?  You didn't get herpes based on what you describe UNLESS a sore develops.  
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