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Does anyone know what this is?????

For the past month or so, I've been having these pimple-like bumps around my vaginal opening. They always appear one at a time. They aren't itchy or painful. They look like a pimple or zit and they pop with a small amount of white fluid that coming out. Once one goes away another one comes up. Always one at a time and not near each other.

I haven't had sexual intercourse since May. I have never had this happen before. I haven't worn underwear in weeks (thanks quarantine), I've been using my vibrator more, and shaved down there 2 nights ago.
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When you say you haven't had any intercourse since May, do you mean last year?  Just clarifying that point.  I think it is wise to get this checked out by your doctor or a clinic.  Planned parenthood near you?   They do a nice job of testing us.  Herpes can obviously cause blisters and HPV can also produce bumps by the vagina.  They might have a cauliflower appearance.  But I'll also point out that pimples can happen in that area too.  Yes, good old fashioned pimples.  https://www.healthline.com/health/womens-health/vaginal-pimples  What about folliculitis?  Especially if you have been shaving.  That's a little infection of the hair follicles. For infected hair follicles, things you can try are a warm compress which draws out the pus and reduces itching.  A warm wash cloth can be used as the warm compress.  You could try otc topical creams or washes. I'd personally want to talk to my doctor about this and an antibiotic ointment can be helpful here that is prescribed by the doctor.  Here's everything and more that you ever wanted to know about folliculitis. https://www.medicinenet.com/folliculitis/article.htm  But really, you should see a doctor to make sure it is something like that and rule out the other things.  If you haven't had sex in a year and this is new, then I'd be less inclined to worry about something like herpes.  
I havent had sex since January*
They're small and one come 1 at a time. They dont hurt or cause discomfort
I havent even kissed someone since January. I shave once a week or so down there.
Do the bumps look like they're hair follicles?

Stop popping them - if it's bacteria, you could just be spreading it. Also, stop shaving, and see if that helps things. Shaving could be spreading it, too, especially if you're reusing the same razor.

It doesn't sound like an STD, but definitely get it checked if things don't improve. You might need an antibiotic for folliculitis.
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