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Does genital herpes cause clitoral nerve damage?

I recently found out I have Herpes.  I have always had much pleasure during sex and clitoral stimulation.  Ever since my first outbreak (its been about 6 weeks) my clitoris is EXTREMELY sensitive and I am unable to orgasm. The hair down there is also sensitive. I have a dull pain in my tailbone still too.   It is very frustrating and I am scared I will be this sensitive forever!  I have gotten close a few times but it just won't happen because of the pain!  My ob was mostly on my cervix with 2 on my outer labia. I had excruciating nerve pain in my tailbone and butt and legs.  All that is pretty much gone except for clitoral sensitivity!  Has any one else had this problem? Did it go away?
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no it won't last forever.

do you have hsv1 or hsv2 genitally?

are you currently taking any herpes antivirals?

have you been back to be seen since your initial exam to make sure you don't have bv or something going on that is making your herpes stay active?

are you taking anything like advil for your pain?

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I have HSV 2.  I am not taking antivirals (used them all up during the outbreak).  I was taking antibiotics for BV when the out break occured.  Which may have just been minor and a coincidence. I think the herpes was causing the burning while I pee.(I went in because of burning and they diagnosed bv) later I had a blistery sore that was when I went back and they took a culture and it was positive for hsv 2.  I have not gone back because I can't afford the pill everyday so I'm just crossing my fingers that my immune system keeps it at bay by itself.  I have been taking ibuprophhen. But the pain isn't there much now. Just extremee clitoral sensitivity. I didn't have a sore there so I don't understand why is so sensitive and havnt been able to find anyone with similar feelings there.
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actually bv makes you more likely to contract genital herpes in general as well as other std's.  it also makes herpes more active.  I recommend going to be seen again and get retested for bv to make sure it's not still an issue.

even without insurance, you can get acyclovir for suppressive therapy for under $20/month in the US.  

what testing did they do originally for you?
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Before all this I had regular "test me for all STDs" which I later found out they don't include HSV. I went in for what I thought was uti. That was -. They then tested for BV and that was +.  Later after the sores the HSV2 was +.  I just want to know if its normal for all this sensitivity. I wasn't able to urinate for about 5 days as the OB was going away. I had. To force it out.
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I was diagnosed with HSV 1 just 2 months ago. It was my first OB. I also had a uti which along with the lesions made it extremely painful to pee. The OB lasted a week to 10 days. I still feel some tingling and a bit of discomfort.

I am unable to enjoy any form of sexual activity myself. And experience great discomfort when there is any touching of my clitoris. I am hoping this sensation will dissipate as well.

You wanted to know if anyone else had similar feelings. I wanted to let you know the answer was yes. Knowing someone else is experiencing the same feelings, even if they are not great, helps deal with this.

Grace answered above that it would not last forever. I hope not.
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Did you have any trouble urinating? I never imagined this virus was THIS BAD!  I can't believe the pain. And the nerve problems. Its crazy how much it effects your body.  And I can't believe people don't regularly get tested for it. I remember them asking "have you been exposed" but how am I supposed to know!  You can get it from someone who doesn't have symptoms!   I really hope this weird nerve twitching down there goes away for both of us. And yes it is a releif to know another person has experienced this feeling too. I hope Grace is right!
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I think the peeing was the worst part for me. I stopped drinking and eating very much just so I would not have to pee. At first my primary thought it was only a UTI. It was not till the next night when I could not stand it anymore and went to the ER did I find out I was having an hsv ob. Of course it took forever to find out if it was 1 or 2. Meanwhile I suffered for 6 days without proper meds. And no comfort from anyone. I thought the stigma for hsv was not out there anymore, especially among doctors. Guess some are still living in medieval times!
One thing I finally found out to be incredibly helpful, I believe grace mentioned it finally, was a sitz bath. OMG! Wish I had know about this from the beginning. It was like a miracle. The first time I sat in it with the hot water and peed was fantastic. The first time in 10 days I could actually pee with out screaming out in terror and wanting to curl up in a corner and die!
This is the first I heard of hsv1. I knew hsv2 was out there. But it seemed people docs everyone stopped talking about it. And from a cold sore?? That really got me. I agree when the doc says they are going to test you for STD's that herpes should be the first one on their minds. Since the others can be cured if treated right away, and herpes is with you for the rest of your life! You would think herpes would be the first test they do.

I hope the nerve damage is temporary too. I do not like the change in my body at all. I am so afraid that I will never enjoy sex again. Right now I have no desire, nothing arouses me, and the thought of anyone touching me is unthinkable.
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when you are initially infected with herpes, it can affect the same nerves that are associated with urination as well as bowel movements.  It doesn't happen to a lot of folks but it is common.  you won't have those issues with recurrences in the future.  be sure to drink plenty of fluids to keep yourself urinating as well as you want to reduce the risk of constipation too. you already have enough issues going on, having stool backed up on those nerves just makes things even worse.  were you having regular bowel movements during that time you had trouble urinating?
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Hi Sparkii, I know this thread has been dead for a while now but my girlfriend has a similar problem and I was wondering if your symptoms persisted or if they are better now?
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The pain you are experiencing is called Post herpetic neuralgia. I have HSV 2 for about 7 years now . The first OB was the worse with horrible neuralgia in my lower back and down my legs. It has never been that bad after. Hang in there! It does get better especially with anti-viral medecine. As soon as I feel a little tingling down there, I start the meds and sometime I don't get the OB. Good luck!
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I read on postherprtic neuralgia ... It's from shingles and not GH hsv 2 .  I been feeling the burning feeling on my left groin and all the way down my left leg but no outbreak , no itching , no sores or blisters.  I been just confirmed with hsv2 by blood with 2.43
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Im very young and I found out I had herpes. I  have excruciating pain when I pee . I have to get straight in the shower after. My clitoris is very sensitive. I cant even wipe after using the bathroom.
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