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Does herpes cause general itching for ever?

Hi, I had one and only one sexual encounter of my life in January 2015. Sex was protected but kiss and oral sex of about 1 minute was not. But long story short, within 2 days I had a tiny lesion below the head of penis. Symptom was very negligible so avoided going to doctor for 3-4 days. Then when I went, one told it was herpes and other didn't. Swab testing at the time came negative. IGG came negative too. Then IGG was negative at 1 month too. Only at 4th month, IGG came positive for HSV1 at 1.78. So, there doesn't seem to be much doubt now. Initial episode lasted for max 5-6 days. There was only one tiny lesion which didnt even turn ulcer and just healed without trace. (I took Acyclovir for 7 days). But later on, there has been general discomfort, itching in the right side of penis, right side around testicles etc. There are no blisters, but skin has blackened. Now, it had even spread to lower parts of abdomen where skin has blackened and there is constant itching. I use antifungal soaps, also applied antifungal, antibactirial creams, neosprin everything. Nothing helps. Now I have tried to accept it is the herpes which causes these itching and will keep itching for ever. Anybody experienced the same? Also, though I didn't have noticeable blister anywhere on lips or face, my lips are always chapped and have darkened.
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Did you only do a blood test at 1 and 4 months? Do you do one at 12 weeks? What was that
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As I mentioned, it was a igg blood test at 4th month (16 weeks) at quest. Came back positive at 1.78 for hsv1
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