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Does it look like first herpes outbreak? Oral chances

First of all, thank you all for clarifying the doubts of so many people on this forum.  

Day 1: I received unprotected oral sex (1-2 minutes) from a woman and french kissed her on 27th of last month.

Day 5: I received unprotected oral sex (1-2 minutes) with the same woman again on 31st of the same month. On 31st I also performed  cunnilingus on her for 1-2 minutes, french kissed. Same night I performed vaginal sex wearing a condom. I ejaculated outside vagina and inside condom. I am certain that condom did not break (I verified afterwards) and remained in position all the time. The condoms were polyurethane and had used Astroglide liquid lubricant. I had no bleeding/ cuts in my mouth or penis.(except may be a slight burn in tongue because I drank a bit hot tea 3-4 hrs earlier in the day). An hour after sex, i cleaned penis with homepathic hypericum mother tincture (with significant alcohol content) and washed with a face wash lotion (neutrogena) .
Day 6 or 7: On probably the night of 1st or 2nd, I may have felt a slight fever (not very noticeable, didn't check temp, slight fever sensation before sleeping- so took generic cold and flu tablet I always take and slept off. Woke up feeling nothing next morning). On 2nd, i noticed a small blister/lesion on the shaft of penis just under the head of penis on right side. I applied Calendula ointment and there was no much pain or itching - just a little tingling sensation. I mostly forgot about it unless i drew back foreskin and touched/pressed it. For next couple of days, the blister increased a bit in size, the pain was slightly more (felt only when pressed, no itching) , there was very slight   blood on the sides when I pressed with tissue. I also applied Cortizone 1% cream. There was no increase in pain or itchiness in the blister.

Day 11:Then on 6th, I got worried (not much due to pain or itchiness but mostly as the woman told me to get tested and also things I read on internet)  and went to a doctor in urgent care. He took a swab sample , urine (for Herpes, Chlymidia,Gonorrhea) but didn't diagnose anything on spot.

I went to another doctor and he looked and told it may be herpes. He didn't take swab but submitted for blood and urine tests (HSv antibody type specific,HIV antibody,Syphilis,Chlamydia, hepatitis and related). He also gave me
Acyclovir 400mg 3 times a day for 7 days.

I got concerned and started taking supplements Lysine, Olive leaf extract, Cod liver oil and Oregano oil along with Acyclovir, also applied a cream (which again had Lysine and other herbs). Within 1-2 days, the blister started subsiding. It did not break open,just contracted and became not very noticeable (just as a slightly dark mark). No scabbing/ crusting/peeling off.

On 10th, the first lab where I had submitted swab and urine called me up and told the culture did not develop and I didn't have Herpes. They even told me to stop Acyclovir. But I just continued taking it to finish 7 day course.

On 11th, I called up the 2nd doctor and they told that all the tests are back negative. I visited that doctor and he told to come back and check after 6 months. After this, I got concerned and stopped eating all grains and food with Arginine and started taking Lysine and other supplements in large doses. I also completely cut down on all forms of sugar.

Though I had slight tiredness when taking Acyclovir it had subsided but on 15th, I had sort of more tiredness, weakness. I started worrying a lot about Herpes and HIV. I drove to emergency room in the night. But doctor told there was no fever (98.6), sugar levels at 109. He told I was just anxious. He also told he didn't think it was Herpes as it was a lone blister and symptoms were not aggressive like it usually is on the first occurrence. He sent me home telling I should visit back only if I don't recover in a week. The following week I became even more concerned about HIV and Herpes. but read that Oral risk chances were not there. I did not have any fever (always in range of 97.7-98.1), headache, sore throat ( had a very slight cough for 1 day but I usually have that every few days due to change in drinking water) or thrush. I did not notice any swollen lymph nodes in neck, armpits or groin.

I had sweating in night but not very excessive just near my chest.

The tiredness continued through the week sometimes bit more (like after meal) and sometimes not noticeable.

Day 26: the tiredness still continues. It's not like I am bed ridden. I just feel a bit tired in arms and a even little in legs. Sometimes I don't feel like it. The other thing from past 5-6 days, I feel slight tingling sensation in penis near the area where the blister had occurred (and sometimes in surroundings). I have checked and have no blisters. Just tingling and slight or no itching. I stopped taking Lysine,Olive leaf extract, Oregano. Started eating normal food.

Day 28: I have been checking the penis regularly. I am still applying the Herpex cream (lysine and herbs) and now even tingling is not there usually though there is a slight feeling if I rub/wash. Tiredness has decreased significantly - almost feeling normal.

I am very confused and worried about this. I came to know that the woman had a dental surgery a couple days before giving me oral sex. Claims to be not having any sores.

Another thing is, when I got the culture report from the 1st place, it shows 'Source' as 'urine'. When I called back, the lab receptionist couldn't confirm if culture was done on swab or urine. She told something like "if both are taken, both will be clubbed and sent to lab, you can assume they cultured on both".

Day 32: Today, I am going to submit samples for HIV RNA test and all other STD panel again.

Is the tingling after blister/lesion has healed a symptom of Herpes? Should I be concerned about tiredness after lesion healed as any symptom? Or is things possible by any allregy or fungus?  I had no severe pain/itching even when lesion was there (the reason why I didn't go to doc for 3-4 days). Had no severe flu like symptoms. The lesion was only one.  Is it possible it was not Herpes?        Thank you.
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Sorry for the long question. Just felt that giving accurate information would be useful
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The odds of HIV are essentially zero. A generation 4 duo test will be definitive. It seems almost improbable that any bacterial STD would result.

Have you ever tested for HSV1? Have you ever had cold sores, even in your youth?

A first infection would not be a single blister, I'd agree strongly with the doctor here.

I'd suggest it is quite unlikely this is herpes.
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Thank you so much for the quick reply. I have never had cold sores or any symptoms. The blood test on 6th confirms that:

HSV Type 1 Ab, IgG (Index): 0.107

HSV Type 2 Ab, IgG (Index): 0.0591
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I inquired in the lab whether the first HSV culture test on the lesion was urine or swab. They confirmed after seeing the notes that the culture was indeed done on swab. Source was wrongly mentioned as "urine" as they had taken urine for other tests.
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Hi guys, can somebody throw a bit more light on a few questions I have:
1. The lone blister/lesion i had did not burst/break open. It just contracted and became a bit dark and ended up being not noticeable. It did not peel off or scab over either. This was in the course of about 6-7 days of which last 2-3 days i took Acyclovir 400mg x3 times a day. Also applied Hyperx cream (lysine, aloevera and other herbs) those last 2-3 days. Is that kind of healing process possible in Herpes? most I read are open sores and scab over.

2. Even after 20-25 days after sore healed, i used to feel slight tingling in the area and surroundings. But, no other sore developed. Does it happen in Herpes?

3. Even after 20-25 days, I have chronic tiredness. (No fever, headache , slightly more appetite) Does this happen with Herpes?

4. I have submitted for HSV Igg tests yesterday again. (As metioned above, test done after a week of exposure was negative for both 1 and 2). Is 28-30 days a reasonable window to detect antibodies if any? (i know exact results take 3-6 months but a reasonable estimate)

Thank you  
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