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Does this look like herpetic whitlow?

I got a blister last week that grew to be large and puffy. Doesnt look like small vesicles, doesnt itch. I drained it and it was an opaque color. No blood.


Im really paranoid and just dont remember burning myself or anything to get a blister. I get cold sores but like years apart since a child.
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Whitlow is usually very painful.it is also pretty rare. I would get it looked at and tested if the sore is still there
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That looks like a pretty bad burn!

I agree with feelingundone, if it's still there, get it swabbed!
Yeah I would, but after I drained it(as sanitary as possible), it dried up within an hour. So I guess thats pointless, they wont be able to. I really dont think it is whitlow at this point, but im also scared of every little thing. Thanks guys lol
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