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Does this sound like Folliculitis or Herpes?

Hi All,

Last weekend I had protected sex (unprotected oral) with a female. It was rather rough and lasted quite a while. Additionally, I think it's worth mentioning that this took place in a hotel that wasn't sparkling clean.

Anyways, a couple days later I developed a fever and chills, sore throat and congestion/runny nose, but it only lasted for around 12 hours. I noticed a light red rash on BOTH sides of my inner groin (did not itch nor was it painful) and a few pimple-like bumps near the base of the penis and scrotum (were not clustered together, but were in the same general area. Also, they weren't located on the surface of the rash). These pimples closely resembled a white-head and upon close inspection every pimple had a hair growing out of it. They did not itch nor were they painful to touch. I popped one of the pimples (I know I shouldn't have) and white pus came out.

At the same time, I realized I had a small rash of red bumps forming on my chest, right near my breastbone.

I applied a hydro-cortisone cream to the bumps in the genital region and by the next day they had dried up and almost disappeared (just a dry, flaky skin remained around where the pimples had been).

I should mention that many years ago I had a mild case of folliculitis in the genital/groin area. Does this sound like folliculitis again? Or maybe some sort of rash/infection from the dirty hotel and/or rough sex? Or does it sound like herpes? Any insights are appreciated, thanks.
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This certainly does not sound herpes related. Folliculitis sounds far more likely than herpes.
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