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Does this sound like an initial outbreak?

Hope this isn't too long-winded. I just want it detailed. This is all the stuff that happened to me in the past 1.5 months and I'm wondering if it all would be misdiagnosed signs of a first outbreak. I'm getting a blood test tomorrow morning.

Started dating a friend I had for 6 years in mid-December.

We started having sex. I'm on birth control, so I did not use condoms. He told me got tested a few months back, negative for everything etc.

Mid-January during sex I had a vaginal tear (right on the opening) which sucked but healed over in about a week. It didn't look like an ulcer or anything but god did it hurt to pee. About 5 days after I got it, I got really sick. Flu, nausea, sore everywhere, could barely walk, couldn't eat, migraines, night sweats, temperature of 38.5 Celsius. I got blood and urine tests done, my doctor said it was a kidney infection (in my urine test the bacteria levels were listed as +++). I took some antibiotics for approx 10 days.

I got a yeast infection about 7 days into this, but it wouldn't go away for about 1.5 weeks. I tried 3 different medications and the only one that seems to have helped is an oral medication. I'm now mostly ok, still some remaining itching but like 95% gone. Nothing too out of the ordinary.

During this time I got a small bump on my labia that LOOKED like a blister and it hurt, but it went away in two days, no scab etc. There was no tingling or burning before, during or after. Thing is, I horseback ride and had some underwear and pantiliner rubbing, so I'm suspecting and hoping that.

At this point in time, I ask said boyfriend if he really did get tested 5-6 months ago. Turns out he blatantly lied to me for some stupid reasons and kept changing stories. It was well over a year ago, he had sex with a promiscuous ex girlfriend etc. I freak, told him to get tested. He did and he tested positive for HSV 1 IgG and HSV 2 IgG.

I'm so scared and so worried. I've done A LOT of reading about this and understand it's not the end of my life if I do have HSV but I don't want to have it obviously. I've had to wait all weekend, Monday and Tuesday for my tests because where I live, EVERYTHING is closed for the holidays.

Does this sound like an initial outbreak or just a load of bad luck, getting sick one after another? I'm just curious to see what people say regarding first outbreaks as there's not many very detailed accounts that I could find.

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What was your boyfriend's numeric number of his tests. These numbers matter.  The sores you describe do not suggest herpes lesions. Your flu like symptoms could suggest hsv but not without the lesions as well. Your kidney infection sounds right and your yeast infection was probably from the antibiotics.  
Good luck with your test in the morning and see about you partner's numbers
Thanks for responding. He's no longer my partner, I'm ready to break his knees for lying to me and potentially exposing me.

He had a 3.1 IgG on HSV 2 (anything over 1.1 is positive on this test) IgM was like 0.2 (anything over 0.9 is positive)

I was sick as a dog but had absolutely nothing suspicious lesions-wise, besides the brief blister like bump that went away so quickly.
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What was the HSV1 score? He is in false positive territory.
HSV 1 IgG was 32.0 (anything over 20 is positive)
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That looks like the hsv2 score and thats exactly what I was hoping for. That is in the false positive range and since he has hsv1 I am even more suspicious.  
You're giving me a bit of hope. He definitely has HSV 1 as he told me about it (later, of course)
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Anything less than 3.5 needs confermation testing. The fact of an established hsv1 infection makes low false positives even a greater possibility.  
Being sick like that can caused by any infection and you had a kidney infection. HSV didn't cause that.
I don't blame you for being upset (pissed) I would be too if my partner had lied about being tested. That being said he had  a statistical 50/50 chance of not being hsv2 positive.  I would be somewhat suprised if he was.
I can't imagine confirmation testing. Ex-boyfriend claims that he never had any symptoms etc which I can believe as that's common. The doctors here are incredibly .... Incapable. So I wouldn't be surprised. When I spoke to his doctor face to face, he was like "Well he doesn't have HSV"
"Then why does he test positive"
"He had it, but he doesn't have it now"
"No, you mean he has no outbreaks"
"No, he doesn't have HSV"
Etc etc. The doctor says "Of course" he can still infect people.. But he "doesn't have it". It was insane.

Crossing my fingers tomorrow. I've never had HSV 1 in my life. So we'll see. Thank you so much for the help. I feel a bit better.
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Please let me know how it all goes.
Got my results. I'm positive for HSV 1 HgM and negative for HSV 2. I'm relieved but still a bit pissed as I've never had HSV 1 my entire life and was careful to avoid catching it. I'll get another test done in 6 weeks or so just in case.
Thanks so much for the comments and support :)
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Yes you need to test again, you cannot trust in an IgM test. Are you saying your IgG for HSV1 is negative?

Do you regularly receive oral sex from your partner?

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I will be getting tested again in a few weeks.

I was only with him since beginning to mid December and we only had sex a handful of times, never any oral sex.
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Sorry. My IgG for HSV1 is negative.
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Yes please completely disreguard any igm testing. Full of false positives.  
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