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Does this sound like herpes to you? Any suggestions...

Hi, On February 25, 2010, I had unprotected sex with a friend and I didn't know his sexual history. Two weeks later I noticed two white bumps in between my labia majora and labia minora. They didn't hurt really bad they were just uncomfortable. I've gotten these bumps before but because I had unprotected sex I automatically thought to herpes. While those bumps were there (they were like pimples. I popped them and white pus came out like usual) I also noticed that I had vaginal tears around the entrance to my vagina and my perineum. Since then I can say that I have had one more case of white pimples (I talked to my doctor and she said that it might be a cyst or a bacterial infection but I'm too scared to go see her) and those tears around my vagina have shown up again. I have also had a swollen labia minora lip with what feels like tiny peas between that one lip and my labia majora (which I have come to believe is just an abscess and a yeast infection because it smelled "yeasty" and was right before my period).

Now, I have had those tears and pimple bumps before ever having sex with this new partner, and he showed no symptoms of herpes or anything when we had sex. I even spoke with him and he said he's never had any STD symptoms of anything and I was the first person he'd ever had sex with without a condom. It was stupid on my part, and I'm more than sure I've learned my lesson. I also have eczema, and I use a very strong medicine (Clobex) that I put on there along with vaseline to try and heal the cracks/tears. I've read that strong steroids make the skin in that area weak so maybe over time I have weakened my genital skin with the use of the medicine. I have never see any small red bumps, nuthing hurts (besides the tear), nothing leaks open and crusts over like the regular herpes symptoms, but it just itches like crazy when its there and sometimes (like now) when its not. I think it itches because I irritate is and continue to scratch it. These cracks heal within a few days, and since February have reappeared maybe three times at the max.

Right now, I have no symptoms of anything. There are no bumps, no tears and everything feels fine. IF...I get these symptoms again I will definately go to a clinic or a doctor. I'm going crazy thinking that it might be herpes, but could also be one of several things since I have been researching. I could also be paranoid because I've had all of these symptoms before and I was never had a herpes scare until my unprotected sex incident. Any help (besides that I need to man up and go to the doctor...I've heard that all too many times and I kno I need to go I'm just horrified. I take great pride in my health and cant come to fact that I messed up, sorry) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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We ask that posters keep their questions, comments, and concerns in a single thread.  It helps us to help you with knowing what other people have advised you to do in the past.  Please from now on use this thread.  Thanks!

I don't mean to sound rude but you have an issue that you want an answer to.  No one and I mean no one on this board no matter how qualified they are can tell you that you have herpes.  The STD/Herpes exerpts won't do it unless they have incredible prove that you have it.  With that being said... No one here can nor should tell you anything other then what you were told by grace the first time you posted your question and what you refuse to do.  SEE A DOCTOR!!!!!!!  If you are so prideful in your health then this is the time that you get checked out and be told whats going on. Even IF you used a condom it is not 100% protection against HSV.  With that all being said what are you waiting for?  Your doctor's job is not to judge your moral or anything of else of that nature.  Thier job is to judge your symptoms and tell you what you have or don't have and what things to do.  So again see your doctor.  

Your symptoms could be Herpes and they could be bacterial or yeast related.  You women have some slight higher chances at catching yeast/bacterial infections easier then a guy.  So why not get this treated and know once and for all what you have?  Your reason is quite honestly dumb.  You don't know if your partner has HSV after all either.  Suggest to him to get a IgG blood test done to know his own status.  If the test is done after 12-16 weeks of his last sexual encounter with anyone other then you then you know he doesn't have HSV to begin with and your symptoms are something other then HSV.  

Should you not wish to speak to your doctor and have yourself looked at by them then I would suggest you call your local health department and ask them for an STD clinic.  Most clinic's are completely anonymous and you can can be checked out when these symptoms return.  Sadly no one can give you anything definitive just yet because you don't have active symptoms.  In the case you get them be seen within 48 hours for proper lesision culture.  Otherwise see your doctor for checking up (like grace told you) for yeast and bacterial infections.  Also explain to your doctor about your concerns of HSV and maybe she can give you some ideas as well.  
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