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Does this sound like herpes?

Its been 19 days since i had sex with a man I know..all of a sudden i have a small pimple like lump in my genital area..it feels under the skin and has a red dot or possibly at times looks like  a white head..ive examined and felt it so much it has now become tender. Does this sound like it is herpes? I cant get it checked at the moment as im am menustrating. Any answers would help please Im so anxious and terrified about this.
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It does not sound like herpes. Leave it alone and let it heal.
I thought a small lump or sore sounds like herpes?? Ive heard they are very painful the lesions..if this were a heroes sore would i be able to touch and squeeze it without any pain?? Through examinibg i have made the whole area over sensitive so im not sure if its hurting or not. Also is there anything I should look out for if it was herpes? I would hate to go on oblivious and spread it too others. The blood test is not widely available in the country I live in and also it is too soon i think? And i cant have it cultured or swabbed because of menstruation. Could anyone offer advice as what to do now? Im trying to just let it be and assess again tommorow. If it is a herpes sore should it change by then? Thank you
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Is there any merit in a urine test for herpes?
There isn’t a urine test for herpes. The only tests are a swab of a sore or a blood test, which should only be taken 12 weeks post exposure.
And even if you are menstrating, you can still be evaluated by a clinician. It’s not ideal but a good doctors/nurse will still see you.
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Realy? Ive just been on a site online where you can visit the clinic and get a herpes urine test it does state only suitable with syptoms. They also offer the blood test and I am waiting for an email back to answer if it is an igg or igm..i am hoping its igg. I live in the ROI and the blood test is not available. This is the one place I have found that mentions it. I already have hs1 orally dinve I was a child so woupd like to ask does genital outbreak present similar to oral? For example I will feel the tingle on my mouth then get the small fluid filled blister that will sting this then splits or breaks and fluid leaks..then turns to a scab and lasts about a week to ten days..should a genital outbreak present similarly? Also because I have hs1 does that give immunity to contracting type 1 genitally?
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So a clinic has emailed back stating they do an instant herpes blood test igg/ igm..this is exactly what they sent
NADAL® Herpes-Simplex-Virus 1 IgG/IgM Test Cassette

NADAL® Herpes-Simplex-Virus 2 IgG/IgM Test Cassette

Could anyone tell me if this would be the correct test to take and also whats the best time to take it for a conclusive result? Also in the meantime should I get the lump cultured or this a waste of time bearing in mind it is quite exspensive and i would probaly not feel safe relying on that. Ive also had another clinic email they do igg testing which they say it only needs to be 28 days from contact. Would that be correct?
Thanks for any help
I have never heard about the Nadal test, so I can’t comment on that. An IgG test needs 12-16 weeks for accuracy. By 3 weeks, it is definitely possible to get an accurate test but it takes 3 months or so for conclusive results. Hope this helps!
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Bumping this since no one has answered any questions. Judt looking for help for more knowledgeable people is all
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Yes very helpful thank you. One last question if I could does having hs1 orally from childhood provide any immunity to aquiring in genitally?
Thanks again
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So I am going to get checked out today for what i now 90% believe is herpes in the genital area..the problem I have is there doe not seem to be any fluid so can they still take swaps for a culture? Also they are offering an instant igg test should I take this in order to establish a baseline if this is a new infection? In the past ive had 2 negative igg tests for hsv2 at the appropriate timeing and have never had unprotected sex again untill this incident. Ive never had anything like these before so I am assuming it is from this person?
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Herpes lesions are on top of the skin like a blister. If it's under the skin it's a pimple or ingrown hair
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They are not under the skin..there are 3 open sores on the mons pubis area. Almost crater like or digging into the skin they are painful. I dont know if these are herpes sores or if i have infected this area by squeezing cleaning etc. I have tried teatree oil , salt baths..and bepanthen cream. No relief!. I took an instant hsv igg test today which was negative for hs2 and positive for hs1( i have since childhood) i know its too early for this episode but it shows i dont have an old infection? So if turns positive in 12 weeks it has to be from this one recent incident? The Doctor did not look at the sores just told me to leave them heal and come back for a full screening in a month. I dont think she was very informed. Are sores on the mons pubis area typical of herpes?
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