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Don't know what's going on

I think the last time I had sex was in March or some time of this year.

I'm fine until all of a sudden in August, my neck area gets really swollen, a bump shows up on the side of my lip, I get some tingling, for one day my entire face feels like it's being scratched by a horde of insects. I think I also got another bump on my chin, which I popped. And I got this weird marking/rash on my eyelid.

That whole week my crotch was in agony, I could move parts of it and feel it sticking out. I had like these little cracked white cracked circle spots on my thigh. Also my underarms were hurting back and I could barely move my fingers on one of my hands. By the time I got to the clinic, a lot of it had died down and I showed the doctor the white spots and she said that it wasn't herpes.  Got tested for gonorrhea and chlymdia and tested negative.

That kind of put me at ease, but I'm still wondering about my face. Like I still get this weird pricking in my thighs and sometimes my penis.  I'm waiting on some test results for herpes.
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Many of your symptoms don't sound like herpes at all. The ones on your face sound like they could be insect bites. How long ago did you have the tests for HSV that you're waiting on?
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Last Friday took the test.

Bump on lip turned into blister, had clear fluid.

I layer developed a tingling cut only lip.
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