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Dr HHH or Grace : Which test shoud I believe?

Dear Dr.HHH or grace,

In September 5, I had a vaginal intercourse with a callgirl,my coronary sulcus was rubed 3 mm two breaks;September 8th, I found the crevasse became ulcer;September 9th,I went to the hospital, the doctor gave me a herpes type 2 PCR-DNA tests,the result is positive.
The doctor gave me an injection of phosphonic acid potassium sodium for 7 days,and ate valaciclovir hydrochloride for 1 month,and used a-interferon .
I respectively took the blood test on October 10th, November 18th and December 16th in the same hospital with T-reagent ,the results was the same as igg-1 positive,igm-1 negative,igg-2 negative,igm-2 negative.
And I took blood test in two other hospital with H-reagent and T-reagent respectively,the results is the same as igg-1 positive,igm-1 negative,igg-2 negative,igm-2 negative.
I didn't sex wiht my wife among these 3 months ,and her PCR-DNA test result for hsv-2 was negative recently.
Untill 17th December, I haven't appear ulcer or blister again ,just my scrotum skin was red for a month recently .
For fear of a relapse, I was still take valaciclovir hydrochloride.
I have the following questions would you please help me to answer:
  1. Is there have these posibility:adequate treatment in time within a few days for the first time infection, the virus
did't enter the nervous system, and virus was completely destroyed , the symptom of herpes will never comeback? Does my
treatment is timely and fully?
  2.Why HSV-2 Pcr-DNA results was positive, but three times blood test results were igg-2 negative, igm-2 negative?
  3.Did the valaciclovir hydrochloride will affect the blood test results? Lead to my body did't produce antibody of
  4.Need I do any other test such as WB to make sure that I still was infected with HSV-2 viruses?
  5.If blood tests over the next six months still igg-2 negative and igm-2 negative and have no symptoms, shoud I use
condom when sex with my wife to protect her , how about the probability of infect her with unprotected sex?


Leo from Beijing, China
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Hi and welcome.
1. No, the virus has entered the nerve already. Your pcr test that was positive is very reliable. The only way it would be a wrong is an lab mix up with someone elses test. What you need to do now is have a blood test 3 months post exposure and post taking antivirals to confirm your hsv2 status.

2. In cases like this it would be best to have the Western blot test for confirmation.

3. yes, taking antivirals would dely a positive result but would not change a positive into a negative.

4.yes take the WB

5.Use a condom till the WB results come in but take the test 3 months after stopping the antivirals.
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thanks for reply , and can you tell me where can I take the WB test ?  and how can I cantact with them to apply for WB ?
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You can contact the university of washington state lab direct.
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