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Dry inflamed throat 4 days after oral and vaginal. Is it HSV herpes in my throat ?

I had unprotected sex vaginally and orally. Kissed the guy. 4 days after I noticed my throat getting dry. Days went by and it was the same dryness. 12 days later I see my throat is  inflamed. Doc said negative for strep. Waiting on my herpes simplex throat culture to come back. Sometimes I get a headache. But no fever. Could this be throat herpes or hiv ? I’m really worried. I keep drinking liquids and taking cough drops to help but the inflammation is still there and throat dryness. It’s not really sore. And it doesn’t hurt. Since I’m negative for strep is it possible this is hiv or hsv 1 in my throat ?
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I'd say it's unlikely. There are lots of things that cause sore throats, and a dry throat can be caused by so many things - dry air, dust, allergies, etc. Maybe it's time to change a filter in your furnace or something.

Small red sores on your tongue could be apthous ulcers, or canker sores.

You did have unprotected sex, so make sure you are tested for other things, like gonorrhea and chlamydia.
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Just to add. I don’t have any sores in my mouth. Just inflamed dry throat. and I see small round red bumps on the back of my tounge and on my throat
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