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When I went to the doctor, she asked have I ever been tested for Herpes. I said yes, I just had an annual exam. She said no you weren't tested because you didn't specifically ask for that test. Then I said what about when you are pregnant and they test you for AIDS and STD's wouldn't they have given an Herpes test to me too, since that's considered an STD? She said no. Then I told her I was never taught about Herpes and really didn't know what it was. Well after I was tested positive, I had a lot of questions. Why isn't this test forced or talked about like the HIV test? How come we are not educated on this subject? Hell all I know is every so often I see a damn Valtrax commerical on TV but it doesn't explain what Herpes is. Wouldn't you think this could be prevented greater with more education about it. Such as doctors suggesting the test to woman when it's time for there annual exams, they suggest the HIV test so how come they don't suggest the Herpes test. It pisses me off that I have asked over 30 people in general what they knew about Herpes and have they ever been tested and none of them knows nothing nor have ever been tested.
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HIV and HSV are worlds apart. Do you realize HIV is a very serious virus that causes AIDS?

HSV on the other hand is a mere skin condition. You won't find much in the way of death statistics from herpes like you would AIDS (25 million people have dies from AIDS since 1981)

How were you tested? HSV1 or HSV2? Have you ever had any oral or genital symptoms?

If you have HSV1, statistically it's more likely to be oral. About 70% of the adult population has oral herpes; it's incredibly common.
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I totally agree wiht you. Its unbelievable how little is known about Herpes. Especially HSV2. It can range from a mere skin problem every once in a while for some people to frequent severe outbreaks, nerve problems and other things for others. This definitely should be included in every standard STD test...I can't understand why it is not. By far way worse than ANY STD besides HIV.
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Preaching to the choir for the most part on this one.  1% of adults in  the US has hiv but cdc has recommended yearly testing for everyone over 12 years of age.  25% of adults in US have hsv2 and 56% have hsv1 but it's not a part of routine testing.  Makes no sense at all to me.

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It should be routine, in fact today when i had an std test the doc said he was using a swab to test for herpes, but then the person that took my blood said the swab was only for gon and clamydia.  This person also said that everyone with herpes shows symptoms so theres no need to do blood tests because people already know they have it.  Can you believe that?
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Wow! Unreal. Can you believe that I went to one of the top rated hospitals in the country and two doctors there told me that I don't have Herpes, I have just been exposed to it based on my IGG test.....yikes!
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Its frustrating for sure.  To be honest I don't even think if he took a swab of the bumps I went in about, just one of those q-tip deals.  So really there will be no test for herpes at all.  I'm gonna have to go again.
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