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Encounter with Thai woman


I recently visited Thailand and engaged in sexual activities with a bar woman (escort). She gave me oral without a condom for a long duration and had protected (latex condom) vaginal sex for about 3 minutes max before performing more oral without a condom. The condom did not break at all and remained on during sex. This occurred on the 29th of December, on the 4th of Jan I noticed one red dot on my penis head and it was sort of itchy, on the 6th the red dot was gone but there was three tiny red dots on my foreskin (when pulled back) they were not clustered but itchy as well. Today, the 8th they have now all gone. My anus area has also been itchy quite a bit but it was not touched during this whole encounter.

Could I be allergic to latex condoms or should I be worried about herpes? The bumps did not blister at all and disappeared after a few days.

The bumps also started disappearing after I was using bottled water to clean my genitals as Thailand water from the shower isn't as clean.

I have also not had any sort of fever and have felt great every day since besides the itching.

Appreciate your advice.
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Also, I will go get tested and what time frame should I do it and what tests should I request? Is there anything else I should look out for.

Urinating has been fine as well.
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Update on the 12th, red dots have all gone. Strange feeling in abdomen/groin. No discharge or anything. Peeing doesn't burn but does feel strange. Yellow pee but can only assume dehydrated as it is summer. Yet to get tested and  would still like a comment.
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Strange feeling in abdomen feels like a heavy pain and it the feeling occurs under where my shaft starts (above the shaft) essentially groin.
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Hi, none of  what you mention suggests herpes and if she did not have any lip sores at the time your risk would be close to zero anyway.
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