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Equivocal results hsv2

I just wanted to tell my story

At four weeks after a protected encounter with a csw I had 10 panel test my results were

Hsv1 -19.00
Hsv2- 1.00 (equivocal)

I was told that at 4 weeks it’s too early to tell with the equivocal result but After some research i fuigured that based on my brief protected encounter, herpes transmission rates, and accuracies of test at 4 weeks my equivocal results where most likely negative. However it it’s hard to find any good endings on the stories posted on here most don’t have an ending I’m guessing people get good news and never look back and take the time to update their status on here

I never got over the what if factor so I tested again 9months after encounter. This time my results for Hsv2 where negative!

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Thanks for sharing this. It's always helpful to hear these stories. :)
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