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Extreme anxiety and stress over blood tests

Around Sunday I started having a slight stinging, or burning, sensation after I would urinate. I've also had to frequently urinate and have had some itching around my body as well (but it could be due to stress and anxiety). The symptoms aren't too bad. It seems like they are getting better, but they are light enough that I can't tell.
I went to my doctor and I was tested for a panel of STD's. All of the tests came back negative. I was also tested for a UTI, and a few other things with my kidneys and liver. Everything came back normal.
Today my doctor was baffled, seeing that the tests had all come back negative. So after a week of blood tests and urine tests, she has me take another blood test for herpes. I went and took the blood test. I also read online that this test is famously inaccurate.
The last time I was with someone was over 4 months ago. The only person before that was almost 2 years ago. The person I was with 4 months ago claims to have been tested clean recently, same with the other person. I don't know what tests they were given specifically though. I don't have any lesions or anything like that.
Now I'm really freaking out over this herpes test. I already struggle with anxiety and stress, and this is just adding to it. I've lost a lot of sleep this whole week. Perhaps my anxiety/stress could be adding to my symptoms. But I don't know. I can hardly think.
Can this really be herpes? Or is my doctor just running out of ideas?
Any offering of peace of mind would be appreciated.
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Most folks aren't getting tested for herpes to know their status. it's not a part of routine std testing but most folks assume that if you go and ask for std testing that you are getting the "whole shebang" when you aren't.  odds are that none of your partners have been tested for herpes before to be honest.

At this point wait for your test results to come back.  Hard to do I know but nothing else you can do.  when you do get the results, write them down to post here so I can better help you with them to see if you were properly tested and to see if you need additional confirmatory testing done.

herpes would cause pain all the time, not just after urination.  even if you do have hsv2, odds are it's not the cause of your current symptoms.  Did they also do a prostate exam too?

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