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False Positive or Genuine Risk?

It all started 8 months ago...the lymph node on the left side of my groin area swelled, I had a draining abscess on the outside of my labia and I took myself to the emergency room...blood tests and swabs confirmed my diagnosis was cellulitis. I was placed on a course of antibiotics and within 2 weeks the would had healed...a month goes by, it returns in the same place with lymph nose swelling and all...I go to my primary this time, and she doubled down on the antibiotics and sent me home...it healed again...it came back again, I saw another doctor because my primary was out, they perscribed new antibiotics and referred me to an OBGYN under the suspicion that it was a bartholin cyst or abscess...Exactly 1 month ago I saw that OBGYN, she ruled out bartholin gland issues and performed yet another swab to confirm it wasn't herpes which came back negative and she prescribed me clyndamiacin gel, which paired with antibiotics seemed to clear everything up again. I thought I was in the clear until last week, I shaved down below after being afraid too for months due to a recurrent supposed skin infection...and surprise surprise 1 day after shaving it was back....this time I went to see a primary at a new practice, he performed YET ANOTHER swab, and sent me home with antibiotics and Anti Virals JUST IN CASE...I waited 3 days and this morning I received the phone call with a positive Diagnosis for HSV-2...

I have been to the hospital and multiple separate doctors/specialists on this matter...every lab blood and swab Over the last 8 months has been negative for herpes...so how can it be positive now? I waited to get the anti viral prescription filled until I had heard from this last doctor, so I've only been taking the antibiotics which seemed to be clearing it up just fine...this entire time the antibiotics do a great job of clearing it up, the only complaint is the reacurrence...
The wound doesn't even appear as herpes in fact, it looked like a skin infection with a red line leading straight towards my lymph nodes which became tender again and the same exact feelings and symptoms of the past 8 months... it's just a surprising diagnosis after months of doctors specifically testing for that other issues and coming back with cellulitis not herpes until now...just really overwhelmed at this moment and can't get in to see my gyno for 3 more days.
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Generally a positive swab test is conclusive as it actually finds tbe virus. The recurrence in the same spot is also very common for hsv. That being said, it is odd it's never been discovered until now. Swab tests can be negative even if it is herpes if the swab doesn't actually get any virus on it. Have you had an igg bloodtest recently for hsv2? If not i would have the dr test you. I am sorry you're going through this and hsv testing isn't the best. I wish you the best.
I have had 3 separate swabs and 2 separate blood tests the 3rd will be this Friday. I agree it's strange, I guess what's confusing to me is each time I went in to treat this issues, it was at a point the virus DEFINITELY would have been active and detectable and it wasn't, until now. No change in partners, or habits the only correlation to the recurrent sore is shaving, and I've been either avoiding it, or cautious about using brand new blades each time. So idk I guess we shall see. Thank you for your response.
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