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False positive HSV2? Low positive? All in my head ?

Hi guys.. This Makes me not feel alone.
I was tested low positive for HSV2 by 3 points. My physician sat me down and told me how i should be using condoms and eat well and etc.. I broke down crying and crying and begging for this to be all a dream. And that is how I was informed.

Days later, after visiting the clinic every single day for support.. There was another physician.

He went over my results was upset, as he wrote on a big peice of paper " YOU DO NOR
T HAVE AN STD " I was baffeled. He told me no testing for was even necessary .. This does not mean anything as he would recommend a more precise testing via the viral culture swab IF herpetic lesion ia present.  

He mentioned and many articles mentioned how HIGHLY unreliable these tests are. Sexual health control organizations have prohibited herpes testing without symptoms due to how unclear it can be.

However.. I have had symptoms that probably by now i would gotten a lesion. I wake up everyday expecting a lesion thats the first thing i think of each time i open my eyes.. And the symptoms that i have atired in my mind and in thr back of it.  clinic staff told me not to even think of that and dismissed me with care.

The only reason that triggered me was having a rash on my vaginal area between buttocks and vagina with such equal and similar symmetrical way.

I put some rash ointment on it.. Everyday it got better.. However I have ALWAYS been STD anxious and OCD with it.

Gyno saw it and told me this is not herpes but a fungal issue and having a yeast infection.
Second physician vividly told me this isnt it.

I am too scared to get tested again.. EXTREMELY scared. Iam traumatized actually.. I am as young as 18 with a strict culture where even not being a virgin is a SHAME TO THE FAMILY. Imagine carrying an illness with it too? I would rather not know.. And if I ever decide to have sex again.. I'll be cautious.. I am too traumatized anyway and have not been sexually aroused anymore.

What i am trying to say is.. And as the lady thay works in the clinic said.." It is all in my head, YOURE GOOD " after asking her " am i expecting a breakout am i gonna make anyone ill. "

I have had hamstring pains.. So does my knee hurt when i bend them..Irritated vagina and in general achy.
Sensitive groin area.
I felt the hamstring pain with a little burn before even considering testing but it was in the back of my sick obsessive mind that it could possibly yet low chance an std.

Then again i tell myself how it would have been long enough for me to have my initial breakout with such symptom by now.. I suppose?

Should I count on the medical thought of this? Am i being too paranoid? Whats going on? Am i making myself sick?

I am clashing and collapsing.. Please tell me this is all in my head..
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In addition to symptoms
I have leg pain every other day with previous stinging anus sensation.
I found 2 bumps that seemed like under the skin and hurt when muscles flexed. I eat alot of hot pepper and chilly food.. Literally on daily basis if that is anything.
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I answered this on your other post yesterday, but it's great that you started your own thread so the responses won't get lost. I'm copying and pasting what I said yesterday:

What does "I was tested low positive for HSV2 by 3 points" mean? Do you have your results? Was it an IgG type specific test? Something else?

"rash on my vaginal area between buttocks and vagina with such equal and similar symmetrical way" - this does NOT sound like herpes. I can't say if you have herpes or not without knowing exactly what your test says, but this does not sound like herpes. I agree with your gyno that it sounds fungal (like yeast or something).

You break my heart with how hard you are on yourself. Your mind isn't sick. Maybe you do have OCD, but that is treatable and able to be managed. Even though you aren't a virgin, you're human. Would you say these things about your best friend? Would you say them about me - a total stranger? If not, you shouldn't say them about yourself.

Cultural norms are tough. It doesn't mean that they're right, and your sexual status is your own business. You are an adult human with normal adult needs and desires and curiosity. How you decide to explore them from here is your call, but please don't shame yourself.

Oh if you had an IgM test, totally disregard it. It is totally unreliable and shouldn't be done on adults. Mine was positive when it should have been negative, and negative when it should have been positive.
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I am not sure which other post i haven't used this in a long time.. But thank you for your effort.

My results said, Herpes 2 virus igG:
1.13 (OD RATIO)  positive range is >1.10 .
I havs no idea what type test it is I have been reading about diffrrent names like WesternBlot or what so ever.. However thats all what my papers carry.

I am HSV1 Positive.. And I have EBV which is another form of Herpes.. If that even matters..

And yes I do believe in the psychological state. However as crazy as it sounds this state is the largest but contacting for therapy is so hard.

Btw my last sexual encounter was like 3-5 weeks ago.

An update on symptoms. My lymph nodes are tender. My urethra is really senstive.
Just got my period.. Thought the sensitivity is just menstrual related.. However, never felt that before unless am EXTRA cautious now.

Thank you again.. I never felt this lonely it is pretty chattering.. I am hanging on praying everyday for a better day.
Bless up

The EBV doesn't matter, but the HSV1 does. Your hsv2 result is really, really low. Officially, anything over a 1.10 is positive, and you are a 1.13. Most experts believe that anything under a 3.5, especially if the person already has hsv1, should be considered either a false positive or inconclusive.

This is from the Herpes Handbook, written by Terri Warren, who is one of the world's leading experts on herpes:

"Recent research has shown that most of the false positive HSV 2 results occur in people who have an index value of 1.1 to 3.5 (low positive) on the ELISA test. The lab report does not indicate a low positive range.  It will identify everyone with an index value of 1.1 or over as positive. The closer your index value is to 1.1, the more likely it is to be a false positive.  The closer the value is to 3.5, the more likely it is to confirm.  Also, a low positive HSV 2 is more likely to be a false positive if the person is HSV 1 positive." It's on page 14 here - https://westoverheights.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Updated-Herpes-Book.pdf

I'd be really surprised if you had hsv2 based on everything you said. Show your doctor this, and ask for another test to confirm.

If your urethra is irritated, and remains so after your period, make sure you're drinking plenty of water, and if that doesn't help, get checked for a UTI.

And you didn't test positive by 3 points - you tested positive by .03 points. Your doctor is ridiculous for not realizing that's way too close to call. I'm sorry you have to go through this for .03 points.
I have taken a 3 day antibiotic for yeast infection thought that would clear a UTI too? Could it be eurthra herpes? Primary one??

Update on the symptoms:

The tingling and pain i felt in my anus and that area is possibly due to Hemorrhoids.
The anus area is achy as i found like an inflamed bruised vien! I went to the pharmacy and showed a photo. I will start with my medication tomorrow for it hopefully thatll get crossed off the list and it would be clearer.

Besides... I had this tingling feeling for 2 weeks NOW. Dont think its herpetic. Pray so..

I just moved out here and the country is freezing cold.. Always in negatives! My tender under jaw lymph nodes and throat pain that lasts for couple of hours sometimes might be triggered by something not related to herpes hopefully.

Not sure about my leg pains that i had or the muscle strains.. Keeps me wondering what it was.

My genital area felt sensitive especially in my pubic bone area..

Maybe am feeling too hard lol

Thank you for being with me in this painful journey.
This is making me re-evaluate everything in life.. Reconsider it all.

Thank you
Oh my god auntie jessie...
I have been googling my symptoms about this eruthra and it is taking me places i dont wanna go!!!!!!!!

My urethra made like a perky tip and thats whats sensitive about it!!! Google says " narrowing " omg!

Upon. Google this is freaking caused by HPV.. Or even gonorrhea and chlamydia wjich i was tested negative for 1 weeks after exposure.

I am freaking out!
Ok so first, a yeast infection is a fungal infection, and wouldn't respond to an antibiotic. An antibiotic would make it worse. An antibiotic would cure a UTI or an infection in the urethra.


You tested negative for gonorrhea and chlamydia at a week - that's enough time to be conclusive. Put that out of your head.

Have you had a prostate exam? It sounds like you may have an inflamed prostate, or what's called prostatitis or pelvic pain syndrome. Virgins can get this. Are you in the US? If you are, and you are an adult, your doctor can not disclose any medical information to your parents.

I have no idea how HPV came into this, but put that aside.

Find another doctor - one that doesn't know your parents is always good, if that's possible, but get a prostate exam, and a urine test to look for white and red blood cells in your urine.

Remember that guilt does not equal risk. You could feel the most guilty you've ever felt, and it doesn't mean you have an STD. If you need help with the guilt, and there's nothing wrong with that - guilt is a powerful emotion, and you have a whole culture telling you how to act - then talk to your doctor about counseling. Just remember that your guilt doesn't mean you have an STD or that you deserve one.

Thank you much.. However I am Female love!
I am going to ask my physician what was the medicine i took called. It has ro end in Zole am sure it did then it is an antifungul.
However.. I feel better with the sensitivity. I believe so!
Wonder if jot prostate what is there else to worry about
Omg I'm sorry - you so very clearly stated that in your first post when you mentioned your vagina. Doh.

Did you take fluconazole? That's a common yeast medication, and is an antifungal. It's a pill.

There's miconazole, which is a vaginal cream or suppository that you use over 3 or 7 days.

There's also terconazole, which is also used vaginally, usually for 7 days.

You could now have bacterial vaginitis, which can happen after treating for yeast. There is a very delicate balance in the vagina, and if you treat one thing, it can cause an overgrowth of something else. (Isn't being a woman grand?)

I'd suggest getting another exam. A pharmacist can look and guess, but your doctor is going to be able to run some tests.

Its all good love..
I believe i had hemorrhoids Iam 2 supposetory from finishing a 5 day treatment..
No more pain but when i flex my anus. It feels like a little sting.
Iam almost done with my period i will book an appt with gyno.
Iam freaking out.. I pray this isnt something serious or even an std.
Thank you auntie
I have been having knee to like upper thighs to groin pain.. Its like stiff and my knees actually hurt and just feel tight !! And sore!
My hip pain and all that i believe is coming out from Vitamin D deficiency. I have not been out in the sun for a very very long time.
I dont know.. Am just thinking around everything and not herpes or any other STD.
Thanks auntie
Well, that could be a sign of Vitamin D deficiency, but you can ask your doctor for a test to find if you are.

Really, all you can do now is follow up with your doctor regarding your current symptoms, and wait to retest. I'd also suggest again to STAY OFF THE INTERNET.  :)
Hi auntie,
I want to thank you for your precense. Really heart warming!

So i believe it has been a month and about 2 weeks since last exposure. I am not going to lie to you, i still am anxious every moment if i feel something but I try to shrug it off.

One of my clinic staff told me not to get retested neither did my doctor, previously.

I am getting my period in 5 days and i am extremely itchy down there with milky discharge and i can see the white layer outside my labia majora. I took antifungal pill today hoping the itch wont turn to a breakout by tomorrow or the following!
I have a little red area slightly inside the labia from the buttom however I assumed its from itching and due to how literally dry my vagina felt.

Since January 30rd. I have not had any flu symptoms or " blisters "
However tender lymph nodes every now and slight headaches sometimes.. Slight everything lol! ( assuming EBV, slight cold, and simply living in NYC with the crappy weather )

Part of me believes how I am very obsessive with illnesses and part of me believes in reality and you know, the sequence that lead to here.


Lol believe it or not. I woke up feeling kind if sick (maybe my sister was sick and I wasnt dressed well in the snow) with a painful area itchy area on Labia. I took Flunazole if thats whats its called one pill yesterday. Itch is lessening and i believe discharges too.

We'll see where this goes
Sounds like maybe yeast, and fluconazole should help that.

Tender lymph nodes and slight headaches could be your body trying to fight off all the crap you are exposed to (colds, flu, strep, etc) and going from the very cold outside into dry heat inside and your temp fluctuation in NYC these days.

Hang in there!
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I have HSV-2 and at least for me, it isn't all that bad. Get burning and tingly in the nerves every now and then but nothing like what you see in the pictures. Those are more primary outbreaks. But I think the symptoms you describe are not herpes; you're a female and most likely you would have a lot more symptoms down below than just an itchy urethra lol.
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Hello. Thank you for sharing.. I was just wondering.. I had a tingly and achy vulva tbh. And my muscles get weird lol i dont know..
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