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Feeling guilty

Hi.  I'm 25, HPV positive since 2010.  In the wee hours of July 12 (about 3 weeks ago) I had a protected encounter with a guy while I was on vacation.  He had no evidence of any breakout at the time.  I'm prone to paranoia and am not one to have one night stands, so I've been a little nervous regarding the general downstairs area.  

Last Saturday, 15 days after the encounter, I felt an itch and found a hard pimple/ingrown hair-like bump just on the lower part of my right labia majora.  I never looked at it, just squeezed it til it popped.  Pus came out onto my hand.  The spot was sensitive the next day and left some blood on the TP when I wiped.  It remained sensitive for a few days, and looked a little red, but it went away so quickly I stopped thinking about it.  

Fast forward to the last couple of days - still a bit of discomfort generally on the right side of my genital area (however, in my paranoid state I am prone to be hypersensitive).  Not pain, just irritation perhaps. I scratched today after I was able to get undressed after work, and I found a bump just on the bottom part of my right cheek (right where my panty line sits).  It scared the **** out of me, because it looked kind of like it was on the surface, but it still felt a bit hard to be considered a blister, so I popped it in a mirror this time; A white head attached to a hair came out onto my hand.  It was followed by a bit of white-yellow-clear ooze and then a little blood.  The bump seemed to flatten a bit after I popped it.  It is, however, still a definite bump.  Doesn't look blistery to me at this point.

Things to consider: I am a bartender.  I have to wear tight pants and underwear and run around sweating for 8 hours at a time.  Also, I get waxed once a month.  Ingrown hairs happen pretty regularly.  Recently I switched to hard wax and while I get less ingrown hairs, the ones I do get tend to be more severe.  Lastly, I'm on my period.  Everything down there since I can remember has always gotten a bit more sensitive during my time of the month.  In fact, I've switched to all unscented products because I'm so hypersensitive anymore.  

If these bumps had occurred on my arm, I wouldn't be thinking twice. I guess my question is, do herpes ever bubble up from under the skin, like a pimple would?  Like, would the initial bump ever be hard?  Also, should the fact that a hair popped out be a full-on indication of it NOT being herpetic?  Or could that happen?  Again: No pain.  Bit of itching and irritation, but that's pretty standard with my ingrowns.

I just read my post back to myself and feel a little crazy, but a professional opinion will soothe my soul. Thanks so much for your time.
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HPV isn't herpes.
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Hi, herpes sores are not white pussed filled, if your concerned have a test but does appear as a pimple. or infected hair folicle.
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I know HPV isn't herpes. I have HPV. Trying to figure out if I have herpes. Thanks!
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Have you EVER been tested for HSV1 and HSV2?  

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I haven't.  It has been my understanding that blood testing isn't recommended until you have a physical symptom about which to worry.  I've got an appointment with my obgyn mid-week, just looking for some info in the meantime.
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I really do not see any reason to suspect these symptoms are herpes related.

A blood test for IgG antibodies for HSV1 and HSV2 can be undertaken at any time and give you an accurate result for the period more than 12 weeks before the test.
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