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For Me: motor involvement & profound muscle weakness

I barley walk anymore, but I am so much better than 2004. I felt like all my muscles had turned to mush. I melted. I was struck with some face numbness in May 2003. In April 2003 I had teeth extracted and a denture for the upper gums. I had one bottom tooth extracted also. This numbness became like a facial mask that I was wearing. It feels as if something is laying on my face. I have some pressure, tugging and some electrical shocks. I had to seek for help for pain. The MD's, the Neurologist, the Orthopedic and the ENT and the Pain Specialist have never came up with a DX. After the face issue, i had shoulder pain, clavicle pain, arms in pain, lower abdominal pain, hips in pain, both legs in pain and then my feet in pain. I developed a daily diarrhea by 2005 thru 2008. Walking is better. I had a balance problem, vertigo, rashes, hives, skin on fire, excessive sweating, gastritis, and now I am a celiac they say. Can my body be destroyed by herpes whitlow?



Herpes zoster or Shingles, an inflammatory viral disease caused by varicella has classical clinical presentation with
herpetic morphological pattern exhibited along one or more dermatomes.

The self limiting skin disease is accompanied by pain and burning sensations leading to post herpetic neuralgia.

The sensory component of the disease is so prominent that the motor involvement is often overlooked.

It was not known till recently that profound muscle weakness can be a part of this syndrome.

We report 2 cases of herpes zoster who had prominent appreciable motor weakness of the abdominal muscles following the disease.

The weakness however has a better prognosis and the lesions in both of our patients healed in 6 months without leaving any residual paralysis.
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It all sounds functional. Sorry, probably not what you wanted to hear.
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I'm sorry but I'm not exactly sure what it is you are asking.

Herpes zoster is not the same as herpes simplex. Herpes simplex is the cause of herpes whitlow. I'm not exactly sure why you are asking that though since your post doesn't mention that you've been diagnosed as having whitlow.

If you are asking if herpes could be the cause of all your symptoms my answer would be no however your case is obviously very complex and far beyond the capabilities of most online forums, including this one.

I hope you find answers and relief soon - this sounds absolutely debilitating :(  
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