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Frequent cold sores, chapped/dry lips :(

Help :( For the last year and a half, I've noticed a tremendous increase in my cold sores. Since I had my first one ten years ago, I would get them twice a year like clockwork - one in the hottest month of the summer and one in the coldest month of winter. Now I'm getting them almost monthly. I take Valtrex episodically, but I'm flying through my supply of twelve refills. They've always been in the *exact* same spot, but they're not being faithful to their old locale either. When they started popping up with frequency, I noticed they moved ever so slightly... maybe a third of an inch to the left on my lip. One of my most recent ones appeared between my lip and nose. I know they can appear anywhere "serviced" by the group of nerves, but why now? And now I'm getting one on the left side of my mouth (they're always on the right). It was my understanding that infections are usually unilateral, meaning they stay on the side of infection. Is it likely that I've spread it, or have I misunderstood?

I've been having high levels of stress about passing it on to my HSV-1 negative husband, and if I've spread it to another part of my lip, I think it will only add to the anxiety I've been experiencing.

Also, somewhat unrelated perhaps, but maybe somebody will know. I recently had a full blood workup done for something unrelated, and my B-12 level came back on the low side (around 300). I've heard low levels of B12 can cause dry, cracked lips. Could this also be the cause of my increase in frequency? I know I'm grasping at straws, but I'm getting desperate. :(

Thank you so much for any thoughts you might share.
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You didn't spread it. It's abnormal for there to be multiple sores on each side but what you have going on isn't unusual. Have you been taking valtrex as daily therapy or just when the sores are appearing?
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