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SO I talked to my dr about my confusing test results even though I have low test results they are positve..how he explained it to me is that I have been exposed doesnt mean I will ever have a outbreak seeing I never have..still all confusing but I guess I will just have to move on from this and learn that I have been exposed at some point I think about this from morning till night and my anxiety is getting the best of me..
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hi I'm sorry don't be upset about my comment but i have read that there is no such thing as just being exposed. i have the same thing as u right now the only way to know is a western blot test but aim having a hard time to get it because my primary dr. told me she hasn't heard of the WB for herpes. I do not know what to do.
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the U of washingston lab has all the info your provider needs to order a herpes WB for you.  http://depts.washington.edu/rspvirus/documents/hsv_western_blot.pdf

as was already said, you aren't positive from being "exposed". your provider is wrong about that information.  false positives are a very real issue and need to be confirmed with additional testing, not just keep repeating the same test over and over again. you won't get answers until you get the WB at this point.  
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thank you
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NO not at all..im just getting the same thing by two drs..i have brought up wb testing and one said thats for hiv and the other one never heard of it and asked me if I wanted another test through a diffrant lab other than labcorp he uses quest but he said it wont make a diffrance seeing I tested positive for the antibodies..my issue is that I would truly love a deffinate answer through western blot but I cant offord that test..so im just going to live like im positive seeing thats what my drs think because of 2 test under 2.
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Many have found becoming a phone patient of Westover Heights Clinic a good way Og obtaining the WB test to overcome ignorant doctors.
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I kmow there is nothing I want more than going threw westover heights but im assuming its not cheap and my insurence wont cover something like this.
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MY dr did a vaginal culture tueday to see if im contagiouse cause im worried and I have no outbreaks the test came back normal im happy to hear that so does tgat mean if I do have sexuaul intercourse his chances are low of getting hvs2
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SO with me being diagnosed with hvs2 with never having a out break I would like to know any information about sex can he get it of the mouth is he safe wearing a condom I have read its hard friction to get it any info on this would be appreciated
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