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General hsv/std question.

Over the last few months I have seen 1 medexpress doctor and 2 health clinic nurses on 4 different occasions.
Over hsv/std worries.

After I tell them no pain while urine or ejaculation . And no leakage of any kind they seem to be relieved. From what i understand and have learned. Most std except hsv will have a symptom of pain on urination and/or drainage... CORRECT?? or am I wrong?

Im asking because no one can seem to figure out what is wrong with me. Been through a lot of testing and considering retesting. But when i say no pain on urine and no drainage. Most medical pros act like "its not an std"

Any thoughts will be great!! Thank you!
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Okay - let's recap, okay?

You received oral sex like 4 months ago? You tested negative for gon/chlamydia. 21 days after, your meatus was irritated. 29 days later, you had a red sore patch. A doctor said it could be fungal, lotrimin was awful, neosporin helped.

Hsv1/2 came back negative. Swab was negative.  You were never at risk for hsv2 from just oral sex.

Now you have pressure in your pubic area that moves down to your testicle, or you had that?

We have told you a number of times that this is not an STD. 1 doc and 3 STD clinics have told you it isn't.

We have suggested that it might be prostatitis. Maybe it's a hernia. Maybe it's guilt.

Have you seen a urologist? I think you need to see a counselor to deal with the guilt of going outside your marriage, because you had a very low risk encounter, and if you have something going on, it's coincidental.  

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Thanks auntiejessi. Your always good at getting back to me. Im sorry for testing your patients. I cannot afford a doctor or a urologist and because i work for myself other low income options of health insurance do not apply to me.

So no i have not been to a urologist or dermatologyst or any other ist. Lol

Thanks again!
Call your local health department and ask what services they offer to people who don't have insurance. If they can't help you, they can probably direct you to who can.

Also, call around to urologists and ask if they offer self-pay discounts. Many do. You might be surprised at how much those discounts are.
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