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Genital Herpes from Oral Herpes

Hello All

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I got myself into a bad situation
where I went to a massage parlor. I normally go in and get a Manual, but
the provider engaged me in more. It started with oral without a condom and
then sex with a condom. I read so many differing ideas, and am looking for
some clarity on herpes.

The incident happened on Dec 21, 2010. I had gotten symptoms of wanting to
urinate, without any burning or pain. I went in to get tested for chlamydia and
gonorrhea, and it came back negative. On Jan 13 I had a very bad leg cramp in
both legs and got very tired that weekend and now experiencing back pains.
I have no visible lesions.

What I want to know is does this sound like herpes? How long do these
pains last in the legs and back? Are they intermittent or are they constant?

I am worried, but not a hypochondriac, but feel like this episode is making me
into one and I am focusing and making things happen.

Also if I have no visible lesions, do I need to check the rest of my body, like
my anus?

I know the next step is to get tested, but from what I read blood is not
always conclusive, so all around my head is spinning.

Any and all advice is helpful and appreciated. Thank you again for
taking the time to read and try to help me get to some answers.
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Prodromal happens right before an outbreak it the symptoms are itching, tenderness, pain, aches, headaches. The lenght of time is about 3-5 days.
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Hi I understand your concerned about your health and that is great.I recommend that you get tested with a culture swab when or if you develop anything that look unusual in your private area. But from my understanding it doesn't sound like genital herpes to me and you said you used a condom that's great your chances are low. Also you got tested for STDs which is great because your results were negative. However the symptoms that genital herpes present are burning, itching, tingling, and redness in the vaginal area you also experience burning sensations when urinating as well as back pain, muscle soreness, headache and a host of other symptoms. These symptoms tend to vary from person to person but these are some of the symptoms that are associated with HSV2.Yes you should check your anal area if you are have itching or feel any discomfort. However try to calm down and relax and try not to loose it because it could be of number of reasons why your experiencing these symptoms and it may not be negative try to look at things from a positive point of view.
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Question on symptoms. How long do the pains last? Hours or days? Also was it an issue that oral was first done and then the condom was placed on my penis? what is the time for an outbreak to occur? 2-20 days or 2 days to 3 weeks? A little confused with what I seem to find on the web. So after 3 week period am I clear from having to worry?  I'm trying to remain calm from the stupidity that occured, thanks again for the help.
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The pains vary if your talking about pains associated with genital herpes sometimes a few days to a week depending on how severe the outbreak is. As far as oral yes it is an issue because you should know your partners status before having sex. A outbreak could take weeks, months, and even years everybody's body is different I can't give you an honest answer about that what I can recommend is that you pay close attention to your body and if you still don't feel good about your situation seek help and get tested to be safe.
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odds are this isn't herpes going on. have you ever been tested for herpes before to know your own status?

when they tested you for gonorrhea and chlamydia, did they also do a general urine test  to check for ngu on you at all do you know? also did they do a prostate exam on you to check for prostatitis?  

on average, a newly acquired herpes infection would present itself within 2-20 days of you being infected. With the close attention you are paying to your body, odds are you wouldn't have missed it so enough time has passed for you to relax about it all :)

When you are anxious about having contracted a std, often you are clenching muscles you usually wouldn't and assuming all sorts of positions you usually do not get yourself into.  try to relax, walk around when you can to keep the muscle loose and continue to follow up things as needed if symptoms continue.  A nice relaxing massage ( from a reputable place, not a happy ending place ) is also sometimes helpful to loosen up the clenched leg and lower back muscles too :)

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Thanks for easing some of my thoughts. I am also thinking its all in my head, but I am trying to cover all bases.

I have been tested in the past for herpes and was negative. I am a safe sex practitioner, but in this one case did not think with the proper brain and suffering as a result of it.

When they tested me for gonorrhea and chlamydia, it looks like there was no ngu done, but they did do a urine culture with status of no growth. I do have an appointment with a urologist next monday.

I have read the 2-20 days, so is that seeing something visible? Could it start on the 20th day per say? I just hit 29 days today from the encounter and what I have been feeling as prodormal has been for 7 days, so could it have activated prodormal on the 22 and should I be seeing blisters anytime now? So I am probably freaking out for no reason, right?

I do have another question in regards to it forming on the anus. If I am infected with HSV1 or 2 and got infected through receiving oral on my penis, can the sore appear on/in my anus? Also so many different pictures online, so it has me all over the place looking for everything, which I do agree with you is obsessive, but think you can understand my freakout from my stupidity.

Thank you for taking the time to read and respond grace.  
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Typically the virus hits with the 2-20 day mark. But it can stay in your body for years and you never know it. From all the research I have done, you can also have so mild of a breakout that you do not even realize you are having one. To answer your question about the lesions on the anus. Yes, lesions can start in/around the anus. I am proof of that (among many others). I just had my first breakout...and still going through it. I first felt it in my anus. To me, I was thinking I had a hemorrhoid. After a day or so...I soon realized it was spreading to my vaginal area. Went to the doctor and was diagnosed with HSV. I actually have an appointment today to find out which one I have. Either 1 or 2.

The best thing for you to do is just to go get tested. Have a blood test run. That will be able to tell you more. Although there is NO way to find out how long you have had it, if infact you were to come back positive. Don't worry yourself! I know it is easier said than done. Today is exactly a week since my breakout began. It has become an obsession for me. I hope you get the answers you are looking for. Just stay calm.
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I do get hemmroids, and cannot figure out if it might be a hemroid or herpes.
So if it appears there, does it always spread, or can it just stay localized?

Thanks for your help Tajah.
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It can be in one spot...or many. This is my first breakout so of course mine with is being the first, is more severe. So therefor mine spread all over. But it can be in one area or it can spread. You might do some research or talk to a specialist and see what the different "symptoms" are for either a hemorrhoid or herpes outbreak. Like I said, when mine first started there was no doubt in my mind that I had a hemorroid. It matched hemorrhoid symptoms to a T. Little did I know it was the beginning of an ob. But do not let that scare you! =) The best advice would be to see a doctor and have some testing done. That way you can know for sure and ease your worries.
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It does spread to different parts of your body because this has happened to me before. I have had lesions on the inside of my vaginal lips left and right sides and one on my clitoris. Yes it does spread to different places. I think it tends to be localized also because I noticed an outbreak in the same place twice.But mind has a tendency to spread.As for the hemorroids you said you don't know if it's hemmorroids or herpes it's got to be hemmorroids because from my understanding it sounds like you do not have herpes try not to panic and think logically. Hemmoroids you should be able to distinguish it's a burning sensation in the anal area it itches and if causes discomfort when a bowel movement takes place. Another thing about hemmorroids is that when you wipe the tissues bleed and causes irritation as well as constipation.
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another question, how long after predormal, does the outbreak happen?
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sorry but this is more a question about the site, i accidentally hit best answer. though i think tedabell gave me a very good answer, i wanted to mark graces and tajahs answers as best answers, or can i take back a best answer? sorry about that. thank you again to all. i am not just going to observe and not freakout too much until i see the doctor. thanks again all.
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i meant to say i will not observe too closely until i see the doctor on monday. hope you all have a good weekend.
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Hey tedabell, I know there is no way to be able to tell this person whether or not it is hemorroids or herpes. But I would like to say, when my ob started, I too (thought) I knew for sure that it was a hemorrhoid. I had the sore feeling, the itching, and the blood smears when I would go #2. So of course I thought it was a hemorrhoid. And to my surprise it ended up being herpes. You can never be to sure. One thing I did learn today at my appt. is that sometimes you can have symptoms with no ob OR you can have an ob without having any signs one was even coming up. Good luck when you see the doctor. As I said before, don't worry yourself and have a good weekend.
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I don't think there is a way to undo the best answer....lol. it's not a big deal anyways - it's just supposed to help others who read your post see what answer you thought helped you the most so they don't have to scroll through all the replies :)

A prodromal symptom usually occurs a day or two before obvious symptoms show up.  sometimes you don't even get a prodrome. It differs from person to person and ob to ob.  

yes you can get lesions anywhere in what we call the boxer short area, no matter what the sex act was. It's all the same group of  nerves and they are all infected when you get infected. ob's don't "spread" around that area, it's normal for them to appear anywhere in that area. It's nothing someone does to make ob's occur in different locations over time - it's the way the virus acts naturally.  You don't have to engage in anal sex to get lesions in the anal area.

good luck monday at the urologist!  Stop back and let us know how your appointment went too :)  Meanwhile spend your weekend up and away from the computer ( the more you sit in front of one the more pressure you put on nerves that can make your symptoms feel worse ), drink plenty of fluids and avoid caffeine, spicy foods and alcohol - all of which can make urethritis worse if that is what is going on.  Try to  keep busy with friends so that you don't have time to think about your genital area :)  

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So last night i noticed a small bump forming on my shaft below the head of the penis. Today it looks more like a small blister. It doesn't itch and is sore when i touch it, it could be i have poked at it a few times which can explain the pain. I now fear the worst. How long before the blister becomes a sore?
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So last night i noticed a small bump forming on my shaft below the head of the penis. Today it looks more like a small blister. It doesn't itch and is sore when i touch it, it could be i have poked at it a few times which can explain the pain. I now fear the worst. How long before the blister becomes a sore?
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The blister becomes a sore in about 5-7 days depending on the size. For Example is it's small or large.
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Hard to tell what size is, but it's not a pimple, and not like a foot blister. It's also singular and no a cluster. So while in blister stage do you still experience the prodormal symptoms? Or should those have feelings have gone away?
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Like you said it's hard to tell what size it is and it doesn't look like a pimple or a foot blister.You said it's also singular genital herpes can be singular. Also while in blister stage you can experience some symptoms that are itching, tingling, pain, discharge. However the prodrome stage is when an outbreak is about to present itself sometimes the outbreak comes and sometimes it doesn't.

On the other hand the symptoms that I just discussed are symptoms that appear at the site while the outbreak is present. But as for the prodrome stage the symptoms are usually backache, headache, fatigue, tiredness, like I said earlier a host of symptoms can be associated with genital herpes it varies from person to person.

Another thing genital herpes symptoms tend to decrease depending on how long you had the virus while on suppressive theraphy. Another thing you said that your bump doesn't itch genital herpes tend to itch but like I said again in varies from person to person what symptoms one might have from genital herpes another person symptoms may differ.
To some degree I think it depends on your gender as far as symptoms but have you been tested for HSV to be sure.
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I think more blisters are forming. Trying to understand 20 days. Can symptoms for pre dorm happen on day 20 or do you see blisters in this time frame. So I guess my question is what symptoms prodormal or the blister? Thank you all again. Really having a wreck of a weekend. So just going through time I had the encounter dec 21, first prodormal symptoms 25 days later, prodormal seems to last 7-8 days, 3 days ago what looks like a blister appeared, a day after I started my questions. Very anxious about tomorrow, but would like thoughts. Thank you again for taking your time to read and respond.
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Another question when blisters appear does one still have flu like feelings? I can't tell if it's anxiety or the herpes for lack of appetite. It's been about 4 days of not being able to eat. Ugh.
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How noticeable is itching and burning with a blister? I mean is it real bad or minor? Or is this one of those things that differs from person to person? Thanks again to all for your help.
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It differs person to person. I had so bad of burning and itching that it had me in tears. My blisters opened 2 days after they popped up. Mine came on quickly...but thank goodness, is going away quickly as well. Try not to panic, stick with your appointment tomorrow to get better answers.
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