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Genital Herpes vs. Fungal Infection


I had unprotected oral sex 3 weeks ago. Two days later, I had a terrible sore throat and fever. It took about 2 days to get over. Two weeks after those symptoms, I woke up with a burning sensation in my inner right thigh. The feeling eventually moved down my right leg. It felt like a pretty bad sunburn. Then red bumps starting forming just above my buttocks. I saw a doctor who diagnosed it as a fungal infection similar to jock's itch. Since then, more red bumps have appears on my outer right thigh. After surfing the web, I'm convinced I have genital herpes. I made an appointment in a couple of days to see another doctor as well as get tested.

My question is this: is jock's itch and genital herpes infections commonly mistaken for each other? I told the doctor I was concerned it was viral and that I was sexually active but he said it was fungal.
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it's too late now for a lesion culture which is what you would want done.

this doesn't sound like it's herpes going on. did you treat for the fungal infection yet?

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I've been using Lotrinum Ultra for the past 3 days. No real improvement in appearance but the leg burning is gone and the lesions/bumps don't hurt or itch.
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give it some more time :)
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New diagnosis of shingles. Which has me even more worried it could be genital.
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the odds that you'd have shingles is pretty low. did they do a lesion culture?
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