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Genital Wart Concerns

Well I was diagnosed with Genital Warts about 2 months ago, the warts were located in my pubic hair region, and one on my thigh. My doctor burnt them off, but 2 or 3 weeks later I got another one in a different area in my pubic hair region, I burnt it off and now today, 2 weeks or so, I found a few more in my pubic hair region. I read that there is such a thing as low risk HPV... Does this mean I have high risk and that I have no chance of them ever going away? Or will I be able to live like a normal male again and get my self-confidence back? I just want to live normally again... oh and what is your opinion on the product called Wartrol?
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This is the genital herpes (HSV) forum. Different virus completely.
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Although this is the herpes forum, I can tell you a little about HPV.

Rest assured knowing that once the warts are under control, you'll probably never have another outbreak again. Continue to get regular pap smears to make sure that all lesions are treated properly if they should appear. Remember, lesions can appear inside the vagina as often as outside, so just because you can't see them doesn't mean they aren't there.

Be sure to get vaccinated with Gardasil. Even though you already have one type of HPV, it is possible to contract other kinds that will cause you even more trouble.

If you are really concerned about outbreaks, ask your doctor about a topical cream medication called Aldara, (Imiquimod). It is exceedingly expensive and can cause a lot of discomfort, but it has been suggested that regular application can help keep the virus dormant and help you to stop spreading the disease to others.

HPV is very common. Most people carry the virus, even without visible signs. Be grateful that it is only warts and not herpes.

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Actually HPV is much more serious than herpes, as it can cause cervical cancer. Herpes is nothing more than a pesky skin condition.

Gardasil is only labeled for girls/women ages 9-26, and can only protect against certain types of HPV.
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I suppose it's a matter of opinion. I'd much rather have HPV because as long as it is maintained regularly it causes little to no pain, itching, swelling or visible signs. I contracted a severe case of HPV that caused cancerous lesions on my vaginal wall and was at one point told I might have cancer and that I might never be able to have children. I'm well aware of how frightening HPV can be.

I can assure you that it is easily maintained and, if anything, it keeps you alert to any changes in your reproductive system.
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