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Genital herpes symptoms? Or?

Hi all:). 22 yo female here. Last year, I'm thinking end of October, beginning of November, I had a sexual encounter with an old high school friend. One time thing, yadda yadda Yadda. Totally wasn't interested in him, butbhad just gotten out of a 4 year relationship with someone and wanted to get my mind off it (stupid, I know.) he was the second person I've ever slept with. Anyhoo, we ended up having sex the 3rd time we got together. Protected. I think... I told him to get one and to put it on. He did so in front of me. So, deed was done after like 10mins. I was hella dry because I wasn't turned on and didn't give two ***** lol. Sigh. So. About a week or so after, I developed some itching and a little bit or burning in my baginal area. Didn't think anything of it, thought it was a yeast infection. So I bought some canesten and after a few days, it subsided. No issues after that. So I didn't think anything of it. Fast forward to a year later, I noticed a wart. Great. This dude gave me genital warts. Sick. around november 3, I began to experience the exact same thing. Tingling, itchy burny sensation in my vaginal area. Thought it was because I hadn't shaved in a while, so I shaved and the itchiness subsided. OK cool. But then the tingly itchy sensation came back. Wtf is this? Bought some canesten, and the feeling went away. But I kept checking my vagina to see if anything suspicious showed up. Nothing really, just these nasty little warts. At the time, I was also getting liquid nitrogen treatment done, so the area was red and a little irritated. Everyday, multiple times a day, id sit in front of a mirror and check my private regions. Take pics with flash on, and I noticed these small little lesion like rips. First one was on the left side, no pain. Not even sore to touch. Super small. That one disappeared within a day, then another on the right side. No pain, either. If I didn't take a pic, I would have never known or noticed because I wasn't sore down there. Mind you, I had just started a new relationship in August with somebody new. He never told me this till a few weeks after sex, but I noticed that after every time we had sex, he would immediately wash up afterwards. I asked him why? And he responded with "I got irritated the first few times after sex, so now I wash myself to avoid it". Would that be a symptom of herpes? Irritation? I'd notice him itching down there too. Anyways, fast forward a week later. Lower left side of my back was super sore, abdominal bloating, and urinating stung a little bit. (I've had issues like this before, in my previous relationship. Various tests on sti's, infections, etc. had been done, but everything always came back negative). So, during the next week, I went for liquid nitrogen treatment. Not sure if these were herpes blisters, or watts, but within the next few days they seemed to have scabbed up. I picked them (silly me) and they were red. The next day, I realized an open sore on the fleshy part of my vagina. I don't remember picking this one though? Wasn't sore to touch, nothing like that. Didn't hurt to pee on it, either. Not sure what's going on? My vagina hasn't been in pain or anything. But the symptoms have been bugging me. My boyfriend hasn't said anything about symptoms, and I've asked him just to make sure. No changes, etc. I got tested for STI's which came back negative, but I'm not sure if herpes was done? Also I've had vaginal swabs done (three, to be exact) and no calls have been made to me. Can vaginal swabs detect abnormalities in the vagina? Can it detect herpes? My doctor has examined my vagina, and cervix. She says everything looks fine, but after reading about symptoms on the internet, and that herpes symptoms can vary from person to person, I'm a bit skeptical and a little worried..... what do you guys think?! I know this is LONG but I would love to hear what you guys think. Any reply would be greatly appreciated:) thanks !!
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Doesn't sound like hsv at all. You can take a type specific igg blood test to confirm. Stay away from igm blood tests. Highly unreliable.
Thanks for the reply!! I'm just curious as to what would cause the tingly,itchy, burning sensation down below. This symptom has me a little worried. But no blistering, painful sores, or anything of that sort. Super confused. I do want to take a blood test, but I'm just scared. Better to know than to be left wondering. Just hate having to go through this, especially since I'm with someone right now. I really hope I didn't put his health at risk :/ that's what bugs me the most. Do you think I have anything to worry about? Should I just leave it until I notice something else? As of right now, I'm feeling fine. A little bit of a sore back on the lower left side, and urination is a big stingy. Nothing that's Unbearable,  but I can feel it's not 100% normal.
Those types of symptoms in the absence of lesions are not that concerning to me. Testing is the only way to know
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