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Genital herpes symptoms?

I had a yeast infection a week after possible exposure, there was a bit itching and cottage cheese discharge which cleared up within a week of using anti fungal treatment. A week later I had tingling on my lips which was persistent for almost 3weeks which made me worry as it checked out for hsv1 .I did a hsv 1&2 igg test and I was positive for hsv1 with an index of >62.2 and negative for hsv2.. was really surprised about it as I couldn’t recall ever having an OB..a week later I felt tingling sensation on my vagina which went away the next day and also tingling legs ,feet,sometimes on the fingers and arms, I also feel a bit pressure on my vulva area.. I have done another test still awaiting the results...my last sex ecounter said he doesn’t have herpes, hasn’t  had any outbreaks or reactions with his privates .. please does this seem like ghsv2 to you ?
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What was your exposure - did you have unprotected sex? Protected sex? Grinding? Something else?

Your positive hsv1 test at 3 weeks means that it was a pre-existing infection. You could have had it since childhood. 2/3 of adults globally have it, and most never get symptoms.

Since you just had a yeast infection, I'd wonder if that didn't clear up before I'd think of herpes. Were you tested for other STDs? Bacterial vaginosis?

You can have any STD without symptoms, so while your partner may think he doesn't have an STD, without testing, he can't know for sure.
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Oh and your blood tests might not be positive yet. If this is herpes, it can take 12 weeks for an IgG to show positive. It's looking for antibodies, and it can take that long to develop them, though several will much sooner.
I had an unprotected sex with him ..I have been for 3yrs now but not all the time cause he lives far away ...the yeast infection cleared up within a week,my discharge became normal ... I just got paranoid cause of the tingling of the lips and got to test to find out I had hsv1..so my anxiety went on the roof and anxious of my hsv2 status ... so far I have had just tingling toes and like 2 tingles in the genital area.. I just want to know if it sounds like herpes or my anxiety
Tingling toes sounds like anxiety, or maybe a nerve issue in your back. Two tingles in your genital area sounds like anxiety - a hyper-awareness of the area which is making you aware of very normal things.

Literally, several billion have hsv1 globally. In 2016 - the last year we have data for - 3.7 billion under 50 had it.  It goes way up if you add in people above 50. I know it's new to you, but so many have it and live perfectly normal lives.


I think this is all anxiety. If anxiety isn't new for you, I'd compassionately suggest talking to your doctor and a counselor about it.
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