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Genital herpes transmition

So my friend And i work as underwear models, And we have to Stay shirtless at our job.
Yesterday i Had a situation where my friend Had to change his underwear in front of me And after he did it he shook my hand.
Ofc his hand touched his genitalia.
So about 30 minutes later maybe even an hour i Had to urinate And i washed my hands before i took out my penis.
Now the problematic part is that when i was pulling it out i accidentaly touched with my penis the part between it And my belly Button. I remember touching the same part after shaking hands with my friend. If my friend has genital herpes, did i transmit it now to myself?
This morning (less than 24 hours after it) i felt some Tingling in my penis. But i guess its just in my head cause its to early for any sympthoms wright?
Thank you in advance
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Herpes only transmits by direct, unclothed skin to skin contact, like kissing, oral to genital (oral sex), genital to genital or genital to anal contact.

It doesn't transmit by casual contact like hand touches, shaking hands, clothing, etc. Unless you have sexual contact with someone, you aren't going to get herpes from someone.


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Thank you very much for the info. I thought it was much easier to get it.  My fobia is  almost nonexisting now And it has never been this long that i didn’t worry.
I just need two more info,
If for instance i Shake hands with someone, And i go to urinate soon after But dont wash my hands before urinating does that Count as sexual contact (if i touched my penis)? If the other person before that also went to the toilet And failed to wash hands (i know its disgusting But i have seen Many people now washing hands after toilet).
And also if Someone doesn’t wash hands after touching penis And they touch my cut on hand does that show And risk of Getting it?
Happened to me at my job cause i shook a friends hand and a collegue laughed And Said he just Had his hand in his underwear (i didn’t see he Had it cause he was turned back to me before i Said hi).
Sexual contact means oral sex, vaginal sex, or anal sex.

It can also mean unclothed grinding or rubbing your genitals against someone else's genitals, while you both are unclothed.

Not washing your hands after using the bathroom doesn't spreads STDs. It can spread other infections from touching germy places in the bathroom and elsewhere after leaving the restroom, but not STDs (sexually transmitted diseases or infections - they need sexual contact with someone else).

Shaking hands can spread colds, the flu, perhaps covid, etc., but you won't get any STDs that way, even if you have a cut on your hand.
I have a question that I'm hoping you can answer. I was also just recently with someone who I didnt know had genital herpes (HSV1) I touch this person's finger with my index finger while she was going through her primary breakout. What's the risk of me catching the virus? (Sorry, I know it's not sexual contact but I've read that you can get the virus from touching the eye, nose or mouth with the virus on your finger. Please notify me if you can.
Someone who has genital herpes is only infectious from the site of their infection, so the person you touched is only infectious from their genitals. You could hug or kiss them and not get it.

Herpes is spread through direct unclothed skin to skin contact. When we say skin to skin contact, it has to be mouth to mouth, mouth to genitals (oral sex - that's how people get genital hsv1 - someone with oral hsv1 gives someone without hsv1 oral sex), genital to genital, or genital to anal. Most often, it's kissing, oral sex, penis in vagina, or anal sex. It can be unclothed heavy grinding or rubbing.

If your friend has a new infection, and touches their own outbreak, then immediately touches their own mouth or eye, they could spread it to themselves. Once their hand is exposed to air, time, movement, washing, etc., it won't happen. By the time they touch you, there's no risk.

The only way your friend will ever transmit ghsv1 is through genital to genital sex, or genital to anal sex. Herpes doesn't tend to go from the genitals to the mouth like it does the mouth to the genitals. Also, ghsv1 doesn't recur as often or shed as often as ghsv2 does. She's not likely to ever transmit it in any way.

Have you ever tested for herpes? 67% of people under 50 globally have hsv1 already, and 90% don't ever get symptoms. You could have it and not know it.

So TL;DR - you had absolutely no risk, and you're fine. :)
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