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Genital hsv1?

Basically used to be in a relationship with a woman who with as hav1 genital positive. The morning after our last sexual interaction I began to feel slight tingling in my testicles and i had a burning sensation while urinating this was about 2 months ago and I still have the same symptoms I have seen a gp and a urologist and been on a variety of antibiotics with no improvement. So my questions are ..
1.is it possible to contract hsv1 genital to genital if I have it orally ? And if so would an ob last 2 months ?
2.i have tingling covering basically my whole scrotum is that a sign of herpes or would it be a more localised tingling ?
3. Could I have all of these symptoms but yet have sores inside my urethra so I would not know if I did have sores?
Thankyou hope for some answers.
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1. Tbe odds of that are astronomically low for two reasons. First and foremost your oral hsv1 infection makes you immune or at least highly resistant to hsv1 in another location. Second hsv1 is very rarely contracted from genital to genital intercourse. This is due to ghsv1 shedding so very little.
No, hsv outbreaks don't last that long and thise aren't really even hsv symptoms.

2.no. tingling symptoms they list are my biggest pet peeve of hsv symptoms. Tingling or crawling sensations are localized and are a prodrome symptom. Meaning for a future outbreak. Not the primary. It's the virus moving along the nerve path back to the surface. Everyone has tingles and yours has nothing to do with herpes.

3. Hell no!! Lol if you had lesions inside your urethra you would be in some of the worst pain of you life. Most people end up in tbe emergancy room. It's also rare to have lesions inside and none outside.
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