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Girl on girl

Please help idk if it’s the guilt or what long story short i have been in relationship 3 years no cheating with a male me and my partner have hsv he has hsv 1 and i have hsv 1&2 i had western blot he had regular blood test. I got drunk drunk this weekend mad a terrible mistake and let a girl go down on me please give me advice of course I’m freaking out this was the worst mistake of my life that could cause me my relationship and my kids. What are the chances i transmitted hsv too her she was the giver  i was receiving never came she just licked on me for about 1 min then over... what are the chances she gave me something . I heard i could get gonnnerah from her plz help i want to go go free testing but it take so long to get results . I actually have some doxycycline 100 mg that i have for acne should i take this... i just cannot risk the chance of transmitting anything to my partner of many years...also i do not know of status of anything and also i had tiny itch irk if nerves or coming on cycle or infected HELP PLZ
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The tiny Itch is in my vagina area
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The chances of you transmitting herpes from your genitals to her mouth are very, very slim. Herpes almost never goes from the genitals to the mouth, and oral hsv2 is incredibly rare. It's not something I'd even worry about, especially with the oral only lasting a minute or so.

Female-to-female oral sex is probably among the safest sex there is. Yes, gonorrhea could be a risk, but it's unlikely. For one, unlike with oral sex on a male, nothing is entering the throat. Also, gonorrhea in the throat is more likely in men who have sex with men. It can happen in women, as women do perform oral on men, but gonorrhea in the throat isn't common at all, and given that your vagina can't get into the back of her throat, I wouldn't worry about this at all.

Doxy wouldn't cure gonorrhea, so there's no need to take it if you aren't already on it for acne.

Don't let the guilt and anxiety trick you into thinking you have symptoms. Guilt doesn't equal risk. You'll need to work through the guilt, but that is a separate matter from risk.
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