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Why is my HSV1 IGG ABS type specific number so high at 57.7H?
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Where are you (a country is fine)? Some countries report it differently than others. Does it give a reference range or the name of the actual test done, like Herpes Select or something else?

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It was the herpes select and I live in the United States. I appreciate your answer.
Reference range is 1.09 is positive
I've never seen one go that high in the US. Do you have the actual results? Most labs will stop it after a certain point when it's clearly positive. Perhaps your lab just didn't.
Yeah I have the results. It was conducted by quest diagnostics
There is someone else who just posted that his hsv1 test result was 40something. I wonder if they've changed the way they report the results. It doesn't matter, though. Your 57.7 doesn't mean that your herpes is "worse" than his 40something. You could also test next week and the result could be 30something. A lot of it is considered background noise of the test, and it doesn't indicate severity of the infection, or frequency of outbreaks or anything like that. It just means you definitely have herpes.

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You posted another question, which I'm going to copy and paste here, so we can have everything in one place to avoid confusion.

Would Herpes bumps shrink?
KIngtsu Jan 02
I read online that it’s mostly safe to assume that it wasn’t a primary outbreak if you had bumps appear after 2 weeks. How likely is that to be true and I’m also wonder if herpes bumps can appear and don’t turn into sore and instead just shrink then disappear

auntiejessi 1 min
This isn't true at all. Most people who get herpes actually don't know they have it, so it's really hard to say. Also, you have hsv1 already, so you wouldn't have a primary outbreak. Primary means first herpes outbreak of either kind.

Herpes aren't bumps - they are blisters. They wouldn't just appear as bumps and then just shrink and disappear. That could be shaving irritation, a fungal infection, or a host of other things not related to an STD.
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It means he has herpes type 1. Where - I don't know. He could have it orally or genitally. If he's never had genital symptoms, which he isn't describing here, then it's likely an oral infection (think cold sores).
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