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Help, i have oral herpes, the scabs are closed and pink skin is just visible, then i kissed my son 3 years old in the stomach, about 3 days before, after taking a bath today he got rashes in the right side part of his body, is this hsv1? please help thank you very much
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have you taken your son to the doctor to see what is going on? it could be school sores or anything
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doctor said it's not, did not do any test, she said herpes does not look like that, really scared of this asymptomatic shedding thing, can you give me advice waterwater? when to kiss my son and where? can i still kiss him on the lips? anything would be greatly appreciated
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http://www.ashastd.org/std-sti-works/Herpes/oral-herpes.html  has terrific info on oral herpes for common sense precautions on how to protect others from oral herpes.

wait until the cold sore has completely healed and the skin is back to normal. Social pecks are far less likely to transmit hsv1 than romantic kisses are so overall it's low risk to peck a child on the lips, especially once they are toddlers or older.

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thank you grace, if i could ask another question, my son has skin asthma (eczema), and i've read somewhere that it is very dangerous to be infected with hsv when you have eczema, (eczema herpetecum) so safety precaution would be not to kiss him anywhere forever right? thank you grace and i'll be waiting for the answer.
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pick safer places to kiss him - the top of his head ,his forehead and his cheeks ( unless he has an active rash on those areas ).

you also can make a game out of kissing him for when you have cold sores - teach him "hollywood" kisses as I like to call them - very loud and overly exaggerated  air smooches on both sides of the face like they do on award shows.  It's a good way to protect him when you have an active cold sore.  From toddler age on , they can understand "lip boo boo's " and the need for when someone has one or when someone is sick to avoid germs but still show affection :)  
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thank you grace much appreciated, really hard to do this but thanks for the help
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