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Hey Guys, I work in the medical field of research and there is a Brand New Reseach break thru that may Stop Herpes in it track and give millions of people now and in the future relieved.

They can use our help for full development to be completed and clinical trials. Below is website from Harvard to check out then get the word out to everyone,companies,clinics and television.

It's a Topical Treatment that will Quashes Herpes with RNAi

Judy Lieberman, Yichao Wu, and colleagues have developed a strategy to rein in the spread of herpesvirus, an approach that may be particularly important for the developing world.

Judy Lieberman, HMS professor of pediatrics at Children’s Hospital Boston and the Immune Disease Institute, who is also a senior investigator at the IDI, has overseen the development of a topical treatment that, in mice, disables key genes necessary for herpesvirus transmission. Based on RNA interference (RNAi), the treatment cripples the virus in a molecular one–two punch, simultaneously disabling the bug’s ability to replicate and the host cell’s capacity to take up the virus.

The treatment is just as effective when applied from one week before to a few hours after exposure to the virus. So the basic biology of the prophylactic is responsive to real-world demands.

check out Article publish below Harvard Medical

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will be interesting to see what comes out of this. so far we don't have a decent microbicide out of all of the ones that were in trials in the past couple of years :(

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I'd rather just stick w/ having herpes. I can't get it again. What if they come out w/ a "cure", rids your body of the virus, and then BAM you get it back again. I'd rather just deal w/ it. It's easier that way.
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