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I did IGG blood test on 4, 8, 12 & 21 weeks at 3 different clinics (all three clinic used different labs) and all the results came back negative, is it conclusive or should I repeat another ?

2 doctors suspected herpes when they visual examine it, while 1 doctor told me he dont think its herpes if the symtoms already appear and healed but blood result still negative. He said that might be balanitis.

So I’m a worried and confuse, I’ve browse internet some said window period HSV can be 3 months, 4 months and some even wrote need to redo the test at 6 & 12 months to confirm.

I dont have any active lesion for the doctors to take sample.
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The only possibility that it might be herpes is if you have genital herpes type 1. The hsv1 IgG blood test misses 30% of infections. You will develop antibodies by 12 weeks, but the test will still miss 30% of infections.

If you get another sore, get it cultured. I'm not sure why none of the docs who saw the sores didn't culture them, but that's the best way to get a diagnosis.

Don't waste your money on any more blood tests - they won't suddenly show positive. Once the hsv1 IgG misses an infection, it's likely to continue missing your infection.

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Thank you for your reply. For the mean time I can rule out HSV-2 ?

The first doctor just prescribe me with meds, when I see him he able to see the dry / crack skin.

The second doctor, I went only to him when the dry skin already healed and repeat blood test. Only able to show him pictures.

I’m so worried, did HIV Ag/Ab Combo, VDRL, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hep A B C, HSV-1 HSV-2 all negative.

Do you have any suggestion how can I confirm whether it is HSV or not ?
What was your risk?

You'd get genital hsv1 from oral sex, almost always, and almost never from vaginal or anal sex. Hsv2 is almost always from vaginal or anal sex.

1. Went to a massage parlour, used a towel there (I’m aware that if this is Herpes, it wont be transmitted here unless if its something else)

2. Partner is positive with HSV-1 for years (oral).

3. Went for massage, touched between genital without any penetration 1-2 mins.

I count my window period since the last possible exposure which is 21 weeks or 149 days.
"touched between genital" - I'm not sure what this means. Did your genitals rub together, or were your hands touching each other's genitals?

If your genitals rubbed together, it takes a lot of friction to transmit herpes, usually the kind associated with intercourse.

If it was just hands, there's no risk.

Your partner could give you genital hsv1 if they give you oral sex. If the person that gave you the massage didn't give you oral sex, there's no chance they gave you genital hsv1.

There is no chance for gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV, or Hep B without penetration.

Hep A is only transmitted by fecal matter (poop). It is rarely spread by sex, and when it is, it is only spread by unprotected anal sex or maybe by rimming (oral to anus). You had no risk for this. Hep A is almost always transmitted by contaminated food.

Hep C is almost never transmitted by sex. It is only spread by blood, and if it is spread by sex, it is only during unprotected anal sex.

You didn't need to test for hep A and C. There are vaccines available for hep A and B. Talk to your doctor about these.

There was a slight risk for syphilis, but your VDRL was negative, and you don't have that.

There is no risk for any STD from towels.  
Yes, genital rub together. The more I try to remember whether the red bump appeared before or after this incident, it become more blurry.

Is there any other way I can confirm whether what I experienced if herpes if theres no symtoms / outbreak ? Since blood test cant detect it.
No, and even if the blood test told you that you had hsv1, it wouldn't tell you that what you had genitally was hsv1. It would only tell you that you had antibodies for it, and not whether your infection was oral or genital.

All you can do is wait to see if you get another sore.

I honestly wouldn't worry about it being herpes. It doesn't sound like you had any risk for hsv1 from the massage, and very little risk for it being hsv2, and you've tested negative for that. The hsv2 test doesn't have the level of inaccuracy that the hsv1 test does.

If it is hsv1 from your partner, your partner has that already, so there's no transmission concerns.

If you get another sore, get in right away and get it cultured. If not, I wouldn't spend any more time worrying about it.
Duly noted, thank you so much for your time and sharing all this information with me. Much appreciated.

I wish you well, god bless you.
You're welcome. Take care. :)

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