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HSV-1/2 Curiosity/Query

Hi and thanks for taking the time to read my question.

I am curious as to whether the incubation period for genital herpes is ever longer than 21 days?
I noticed some possible symptoms on day 24.

Basically, I had genital to genital sex with a man who has never had penetrative intercourse with anyone else other than myself. However he has performed oral sex on two women in the past 6 years and only once or twice had he done that.

Essentially, my mind comes to the conclusion to ask the possibility that if I did indeed get genital herpes it would be from the possible scenario that his saliva (if he had oral herpes) may have come into contact with my vagina as lubricant. However I do not recall his saliva ever being present but my own was used as the lubricant in this episode.

Neither of us have been tested for HSV-1/2.

Thanks In Advance!
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Hi, if he never had a lip sore at the time of the oral sex then the risk would be close to zero. Also him contracting oral hsv2 from giving other oral sex would also be close to zero as hsv2 prefers the genital area.
Many people have oral hsv1 from childhood and there a chance you already have this as well and if you do you would be basicly immune to contracting it in another part of your body.
If herpes is a concern then i would suggest you both get tested. He does not appear to have a outgoing sexual history so the chances he picked up hsv is really a non issue.
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Thanks for the quick answer!

He didn't have a lip sore. I'd like to make clear he didn't perform oral sex on me during this episode. Any potential contact of oral herpes would have come from his saliva perhaps. As I'm sure is quite common, during the heat of the moment all sorts of fluids can be exchanged. However he never deliberately used his saliva for lubrication during this episode. I definitely know I used my own saliva for this purpose. I am just thinking there was a slight possibility, however it may happened, that any trace of his saliva may have found its way down to there! Prior to this episode, he has never recalled having a cold sore in the same manner his brother sometimes get them. However I am aware of asymptomatic herpes.

And thanks for the clarification of the odds of catching HSV-2 from performing cunnilingus. I hope I may re-ask my initial question about the incubation period, is 3 weeks the upper limit of a first outbreak happening?

I have been prone to thrush in the past, but the blister-looking bumps I had around the opening of my vagina was a slight concern for me. If it helps, it never hurt when urinated, however I guess that depends if the urine ever touched one of these blisters or not.

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It averages 3 to 13 days but to contract herpes needs direct contact even to be at risk. Its not transmited as you describe.
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Thanks for your answers Life360! Much appreciated!
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Hi Life360,

Sorry to have to ask again, given the scenario above, you say direct contact is required to pass HSV1/2 from the mouth to the genitals? So even if a trace or large amount of saliva went down there, it still requires direct skin to skin contact is that correct?

Thanks again Life360, this will be my last question.

Kind Regards
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I think with any genital lesions, specifically "blistery bumps" should earn a trip to your doctor. Are these lesions releasing liquid? Are they painful or tender to the touch? Are they in clusters?

Any blisters around or on your genitals should prompt you to quickly seek a viral swab for herpes and other bacterial/viral infections. This forum is great but by no means bypasses a doctor visually examining you.

Without a blood test or swab on the lesions how can you conclusively believe you don't have herpes? Symptoms can present itself in many variations with people and the 21 day incubation period doesn't apply to everyone. It's a rough estimate.

Please seek a proper type specific blood test for herpes and/or swab of the lesion. If the lesions are healed, I would recommend the blood test.

Genital blisters are extremely suspicious and fit the genital herpes profile in majority cases. Please seeks these tests to rule out it the correct way.
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Sorry! I missed this...

Well unfortunately they've healed so I suppose I should go and get a blood test just to check if I do in fact have HSV1/2 :(

The bumps weren't painful to the touch but once rubbing against my trousers/underwear when I'd try to sit down etc, they'd burn. I do recall them being pus-filled and breaking up into multiple whiteheads. And the bumps weren't particularly small, they were just around the opening. Arranged quite neatly around the labia.

I just thought that by looking at the CDC webpage on their information on the incubation period for genital herpes and by hearing it here too; it is most likely not going to be herpes.

Do you concur Bigtimeworried55, that it requires direct contact?

Thank you ever so much for your input.
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Also, it may be difficult to find a place that would do a blood test for Herpes is that correct?

In the UK they only seem to test when there are active sores? They just a use a swab rather than undertaking a blood test.

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If you are in the UK, you will need to seek out type specific herpes igg blood testing privately and pay out of pocket.
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Ok thank you for that information grace...!
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Hi guys,

Once again thanks for the advise. If I could ask of your opinions on which HSV type it could be if I am in fact positive? Would you think it'd more like be HSV-1 given the few exposures he's had? I understand this cannot be answered definitively, just I know that when it comes to the whole genital scenario, one would 'prefer' to be positive for HSV-1 if I can put it that way.

Thanks! I really am grateful for the help...
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the rates of hsv2 infection the UK are rather low. HSV1 is the main cause of herpes infections there. follow up and hopefully you get better answers :)
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