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HSV 1 IGG Type Specific AB

My Herpes Test results came back as follows:
HSV 1 IGG Type-Specific AB                   >5.00 H
HSV 2 IGG Type-Specific AB                     0.16

My doctor says that this means the Herpes Anti-Body is present in my system.  I have never had an outbreak or any symptoms.  My girlfriend and I have been sexually active for several months and she has experienced no outbreak or symptoms.  The only thing I've ever experienced is a cold sore that has recurred every now and then since I was a teenager.  My girlfriend is going to be tested because this episode has terrified us both.

My doctor's answers don't clarify the matter.  My girlfriend and I are exclusive and want to build a future.  What information is available that can help us determine how to proceed?  What do these test results mean, really?


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since you also paid to post this in the experts forum, wait and get your reply there to get your money's worth.

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Thanks Grace,

Sorry for the confusion.  Just learning the site.
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