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HSV-1 or shingles

I think my wife may have been misdiagnosed with Shingles. As a little background, I recently had a cold sore on the corner of my mouth starting (I have had them many times before). I went to the store to try the cream Abreva. I was amazed as it stopped my cold sore in it's tracks. It never turned into an open blister or oozed like they normally would. Since it seemed to have cleared up, when my wife and I had sex I performed oral sex on her. After a little over a week she began saying she was having a bad burning sensation when she urinated but that it was not a urine infection. She said it was different. She also complained of body aches, back ache and chills. I looked up her symptoms and was floored when I read it could be HSV-1 from me performing oral sex on her. I made an appointment with our primary and they told her it was not herpes but rather it was shingles. That HSV-1 is rare in becoming genital herpes and it would not be as severe as hers was or inside of her vagina. That does not seem to agree with anything I read. In fact I find it to be the exact opposite, that shingles inside of her vagina is very rare and HSV-1 is not all that uncommon. They used to believe it was not but now know it is not so uncommon. The good news is she is taking Valacyclovir 3 x a day for 10 days, which I believe is the same treatment she would get if it was indeed HSV-1. The doctor did not take a culture. As a side note i looked at my wife's vagina and she had discharge and little blisters that looked exactly like images I saw for herpes. So y question is i am right in questioning this doctors diagnosis? I really think she is wrong, but it may be a moot point since she is getting the same antiviral medication.
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Hi,  often with shingles it would be on the back in the form of a rash with extreme pain and most often for more elderly people. The only way to know what this is would be testing. Having a swab of the sores would have been the correct course of action and if she still has the blisters they maybe time for a accurate swab test. If not a blood test for herpes would be highly recommended. Also you should have a blood test to confirm if in fact you have hsv1 oral. This would be the starting point as a visual diagnoses is by no means accurate. Since she also is having a discharge, im of the opinion that is not herpes but more an irritation from the yeast infection.
Having herpes breakout inside the vagina is possible for a first time infection if your lip cold sore made contact with the outbreak area, if not it would be a place for recurrent outbreaks for those who already have long term herpes but even at that, inside is not a common place.
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