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I just got PCR test + for HSV-1 today

3 days ago Initially thought was a severe yeast inf. went to PA at local urgent care, she took throat and vagina culture. Prescribed Diflucan 150mg, monistat 3, and Vicodin for pain.
Started with one lesion on inner labia minor, 1/2 inch long white line with two red little blisters.
Within 24-48 hours 20+ blisters and entire vulva and clitoris swollen upto 2-3x. Extremely painful and raw skin over entire vagina. Thought it was an allergic rxn to monistat, so took Benadryl and stopped topical.
Today I found out I was HSV-1 +.
1. Is it common to have such a sever first OB? All of the threads I've read have had very mild, few blisters
In OB. Is it likely I have a secondary bacterial infection?
2. I read your advice on avoiding suppressive therapy w HSV-1. I was given RX: Acyclovir 400mg, 1 tab, 3xday 10 days. But haven't started it. Since this is my first OB, should I let my bodies own defense handle it to generate max antibodies?
Thank you for your help.
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I'm sorry you are having such a rough go with this. It is very common to have a difficult first outbreak when someone has no HSV 1 and no HSV 2.  It is very common to have mild symptoms when a person has HSV 1 and newly acquires HSV 2.  That is NOT your situation.  So yes, it is common to have a severe first infection in your situation.  It is very uncommon to have a secondary bacterial infection.  The swelling in consistent with first infection, also.  

I don't have a problem with suppression for hSV 1 infection, it is just that it is often not necessary because outbreaks are usually infrequent, though there are certainly exceptions to this.  Definitely, definitely take the medicine now!  You need treatment now, then you can decide about suppression later one.  Your body will make an immune response regardless of whether you treat or not, it can just be slowed by daily medicine (which is not what you are being prescribed - your is just 10 days)

Hope you start to feel better soon!

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