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HSV-2 percentage levels were high but now dropped?

Good afternoon,

A few weeks ago I had been tested for HSV-2 And my percentage came in at .92 which according to the lab it was borderline positive. Of course I was freaked out and even went into anxiety mode because I was going through an HIV fiasco from a potential exposure I had (January 15th) So yesterday (March 26th) I went into to get re-tested for HSV-2 also for HIV (4th generation antibody and antigen (which was also negative)  (Blood drawn from vein) and now my percentage came back at .82  . I don't understand, my question is....if I was borderline positive on the first time. Wouldn't my ratios come back even more elevated instead of dropping down to .82 which makes it a negative. The potential exposure would also be January 15th as well. Yesterday's test would make it my 10th week from my potential exposure for HIV and HSV-2. Both came back negative. Should any further testing be required as far as HSV-2 goes?

Thank you,
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12 to 16 weeks with an IgG test is what is considered conclusive for a majority of people. Thinking 92-95% will have built detectable antibodies by that time. You first test wasn’t positive, it was equivocal. Your second test is negative. Variations in the index number are normal. You didn’t mention if you have HSV1? The IgG misses a large portion of these infections but it can contribute to a false positive on the HSV2 test. To sort this out, I would recommend testing again in a few weeks or jumping to the Western Blot test through the University of Washington. This is an excellent confirmatory test and will be able to sort out of this is a true positive or not.
I forgot to mention that I did test positive for HSV-1. That was tested at the same time as the other two blood test. Would that make a difference or have an effect on the HSV-2 test?
Glycoprot IgG AB by Elisa was the test used.
It could definitely affect the IgG test. There’s a protein in the blood, from what I understand, that closely resembles the HSV two antibodies. That can sometimes trip the test and also having a positive HSV1 test. You will definitely want to retest or get the Western Blot for confirmation,  Especially if you’ve never had any genital symptoms.
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Im going through a similar situation, but mine were elevated equivocal levels (1.07) ... I was told that the test can be very sensitive .. however in your case, I doubt you have HSV 2
I'll be doing one more in a week to make sure that my levels are still at .82 (hopefully less). It will at exactly 80 days since my "potential exposure".
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AnxiousNoMore  why did you delete my first post?
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Update: I've had some weird symptoms that happened on my penile shaft. They only appeared after having vaginal intercourse...then after showering. Within the hour it was gone. I've uploaded pictures to see if anyone can help me out as far what can be the cause of it. It doesn't hurt, it doesn't itch. It just looks swollen but then goes away like if nothing happened. Only happened shortly after intercourse.
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