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HSV 2 Concern

Dear Doctors/Professionals:

I had unprotected sex with a female 2 months ago for about for approx 15-30 min. Now as mentioned 2 months later, 3 days ago on Wed. 11/20  i developed a burning sensation on my inner thighs and pubic region and anus (but not uncomfortable). The sensation has decreased in the thighs and anus and no longer exists in the pubic region. I have had no breakout of any pimples or the such typically associated with HSV 2 or red areas/rash or any redness or pimples on my inner thigh region or penis and no burning when i pee either now going on day 3.

I contacted the female and informed her of the issue who told me she never had issues prior to our encounter or since. I am not naive as I know this doesn't exonerate her from having it or lying for that matter but want to point it out. Not that they are professionals but my parents looked at the areas as well and saw no discoloration or pimples or signs of abnormal skin.

I have scheduled an exam to see my physician for next week and blood test but for piece of mind want to get a second opinion of what could cause this. I was in Chicago for those 2 months and drove back to LA where I currently reside, and only now after being back for a week have experienced this.

Could you please explain what your opinion is on this? Thank you for your help.
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You're right, not much at all to indicate herpes as an issue.

Otherwise I don't really know how to help. Describing a burning isn't that clear. Is it on the skin's surface or deeper in the tissue or muscles? Is it like sunburn all over or prickly hot pins? Are you stressed over anything above average levels at present?
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I would say it feels more like prickly hot pins versus a sunburn particularly when the thighs touch. its just centralized in one spot the same on both sides. I have been unemployed for a 3 months so a bit stressed about that.

Also let me ask as a side note, if it was herpes would the soars appear simultaneously as the burning?
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I have seen people with herpes infections report a sunburn type burning feeling at the back of the thighs in particular, it doesn't seem common and is usually accompanied by herpes sores.

Stress, mild depression, perhaps some extra drinking and putting on a little weight may all contribute to some extra sensitivity over things going on in that area.
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Thanks for your comments. Obviously the test will put it to rest but if based on your comments i am almost absolved from any HSV issue Im pretty confident I should be fine.
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I agree go for the requisite testing. The symptoms could be independent of any herpes or other STD that could be present asymptomatically.

2 months to develop symptoms that are not strongly aligned with herpes, I'd agree such little chance.
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Burning sensations in the genital area could certainly be an indication of herpes, since not everyone has a raging primary infection. In fact, most people who contract the virus have mild or no symptoms, which is why 90% of HSV+ folks don't realize they are carrying the virus.

However, your symptoms could also be caused by other things. I do think it's a good idea to get an IgG type-specific blood test right away. Be aware, however, that 2 months may not have been enough time to develop enough antibodies to return an accurate result. In that case, the recommendation would be to get tested again 4 months following exposure.

Good luck to you!
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